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Job Seekers Only Part 2

Stop the Mad Cycle Workshops | 27.08.2010 01:38 | Education

Michael Njoroge responds to the Tory-Lib Dem budget

Self employment is an antidote to exploitation [Michael Njoroge Photos]
Self employment is an antidote to exploitation [Michael Njoroge Photos]


POST RECESSION job brokers do not
always have the ‘the experience’ to
deal with the genuinely self employed.

Press reports warning “George Osborne’s era of
austerity will hit the poorest the hardest” then
threatening us that “An unemployed couple with children in
the bottom 20 per cent of earners will lose 8.2 per cent of
their annual income by 2014, the IFS said, while a
couple without children in the top 20 per cent will
lose just 0.48 per cent of their income.”.

Our concern is that while the
relationship between the DWP and
self employed communities is
drifting apart due to loss of direct
finance and a growing professional disincentives industry, the
man made cash flow crisis continues to
ensure there is no guarantee of inflation sensitive income and
job security due to unprecedented budgets
cut with the consequent rising tax bills.

But if you are self employed and have more than six
months experience you already encourage a
wholesome economic recovery by providing equilibrium when you
fill credible gaps in your sector of production and provision.
And becoming the next paid and pensionable
generation is inevitable."

Michael Njoroge
HR co-ordinator
survivor employment & training initiatives

Stop the Mad Cycle Workshops
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  1. more emotive bloody drivel — workless, in an economy based on international money laundering