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Bristol anarchist bookfair organising meet [1]

andy brigade | 26.08.2010 17:22

the last before the bookfair...
From 7pm at kebele social centre, 14 Robertson Rd, Bristol BS5 6JY

Why not drop by and pick up an early bird copy of the full bookfair programme? We also have plenty of posters/flyers left for distro, as the crap weather has hampered our efforts - so come get a bundle to distro in your area. Thanks.
With the bookfair programme sorted, and most venue issues in hand, we are now down to the finer points of the nitty gritty organising on the day of the bookfair: getting stuff down there, set up, take down, volunteers to bucket shake for collections/hand out programmes, stall a couple of infopoints, and so on.

If you can help on the day for an hour or two please get in touch - email us, or drop in at this meeting.

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andy brigade
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