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Legal Challenge to Government’s slave labour scheme

18-11-2011 03:07

Britain's biggest supermarkets are now using slave labour as young unemployed people are being sent to work for them for up to two months with no pay and no guarantee of a job. During this period they will be exempt from national minimum wage laws.

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Occupy Manchester Returns

18-11-2011 02:55

Occupy Manchester will shortly return, at a new location in the city centre.

In fact, Occupy Manchester never did really go away, it just quietly relocated. It was originally at Albert Square, then soon afterwards it set up camp at the Peace Gardens in front of the town hall. The campers were forced to move from there late in October because they were getting too much hassle from homeless people with alcohol and drug issues. They went to Spinningfields, a safer but quieter location but with few people walking through except the office and court staff who work in the neighbourhood. Now that they have been served with an injunction for Spinningfields, the campers have asked the Quakers if they can camp on the front lawn of the Friends Meeting House on Mount Street. The Quakers may agree, and say they are treating it as a request for a 'room booking', although the 'room' will be outdoors. If agreement is reached, the occupation will have a licence to occupy the space, which will make it somewhat more difficult for the police or city authority to move them on, and it will be a more publicly visible location which would make leafletting and holding public debates easier.

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Democracy & Capitalism - Reform and Revolt.

18-11-2011 01:21

Counter Revolutionaries.
We are living in an age in which a revolution is currently being constructed using life shattering violence, global-scale deception and industrial strength persecution the likes of which we have not seen since the Second World War.

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Game On? “Protest the Drone Wars” demo, 16 November, Kensington

17-11-2011 21:52

Chris Cole, Drone Wars UK
Gaming enthusiasts are often accused of having a distorted perception of reality and blurring the distinction between the virtual and the real. But what if your military day job consists of doing what seems like playing a computer game, while picking off real targets? Where bombs guided by you from a safe distance really “splat” kids on the streets of Kabul, Gaza and Mogadishu? Welcome to the very real world of drone warfare.

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Italy: November 17 Occupy Everything protests

17-11-2011 21:36

…And here we go again! Italy’s streets were put under occupation once again today, as part of the “International Student’s Day”, originally created to commemorate the students deported by the Nazi regime after a protest in Prague. Thousands of college and university students all over Italy took to the streets to protest against the progressive dismantling and privatisation of the education system and the new measures announced by the government. There were in several towns and cities, with often violent clashes with the police. Here’s a summary on some of the biggest protests, based on communiques and articles published on InfoAut:

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Maggs & Allen office attacked in Bristol

17-11-2011 18:55

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Fortnum and Mason protesters found guilty

17-11-2011 18:33

A group of 10 protesters who occupied Fortnum and Mason during the M26 demonstration have been found guilty of aggravated trespass. The sit-in organised by UK Uncut was held at the luxury food store on Piccadilly, in London, to highlight the store's tax avoidance. Charges of aggravated trespass against 109 others were dropped earlier in the year

The Defendants released the following statement:

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Fortnum and Mason 145 - 10 found guilty

17-11-2011 18:10

Inside F&M - (C) Amelia Gregory
10 UkUncut protesters, including some from Oxford, have been found guilty of aggravated trespass for entering Fortnum & Mason's last March to highlight the luxury store's failure to pay fair taxes.

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5 Years to Climate Hell

17-11-2011 16:56

We have 5 years to move away from fossil fuels. After that climate catastrophe is unavoidable. Who says? The International Energy Agency, conservative voice of 28 countries. Interview with Diana Bronson, ETCgroup, on geoengineering & climate genes. Press teleconference clips with Lester Brown of Earth Policy Institute, saying U.S. emissions are falling. Interview with Emily James, maker of new film on climate activism in the UK "Just Do It". Ends with clip of Occupy movement song "We Are the Many" by Hawaiian singer Makana, played at the APEC Summit dinner.

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2011 Glasgow Anarchist Fair

17-11-2011 16:55

Glasgow Anarchist Fair

Saturday 10th December 2011,  11am – 11pm
Kinning Park Complex
43 Cornwall Street
G41 1BA
Next to Kinning Park Underground Station

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The £1/2 Million Breach of the Peace charge!

17-11-2011 16:55

The £1/2 Million Breach of the Peace charge, 13 hearings, 15,000 travel miles, Cross Border Police seizures, surveillance & a former Lord Advocate.

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Now fascists turn their attention to gypsies

17-11-2011 15:46

Now fascists are turning their attention to gypsies in the wake of the Dale Farm eviction. They are busy whipping up hatred against them in the run up to a vicious violent pogrom against them.

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10 of the Fortnum and Mason 145 found guilty

17-11-2011 14:55

Ten of the Fortnum and Mason 145 were today found guilty of “Aggravated Trespass” with Judge Snow saying that they intimidated F&M staff. They were part of the 145 people arrested during the end of the ukuncut planned occupation of Fortnum and Mason during the massive anti cuts demonstrations on March26th 2011.

A statement by those found guilty said: "As the government’s cuts continue to destroy the economy and people’s lives we will not be put off by these attempts at humiliating and punishing us." [see full statement below]


"Today, the 10 of us who were on trial have been found guilty of taking part in a protest. A protest that was dubbed ‘sensible’ by the senior police officer at the scene. We were standing up, or more accurately sitting down, against our government making harsh cuts to public services, whilst letting companies like Fortnum and Masons get away with dodging a total of tens of billions of pounds of tax every year. Then we are put on trial, whilst it’s clear the real criminals are the tax dodgers, the politicians and the bankers who caused this financial crisis and who continue to profit. We are supposed to have a democratic right to protest yet people like us, exercising that right and expressing our discontent feel the force of the law and receive harsh and disproportionate sentences. We have been convicted of Aggravated Trespass, an example of a law created in the 1990′s as an attack on our rights to protest and which is used in situations like this one to turn protesting into a crime. We will, of course, continue to fight this and will be appealing the judgement.

As the government’s cuts continue to destroy the economy and people’s lives we will not be put off by these attempts at humiliating and punishing us."


Also see:

Fortnum and Mason occupation trial begins
Prosecution of a F&M145 arrestee falls apart

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Food Sovereignty: Reclaiming the global food syste

17-11-2011 14:55

War on Want's new report "Food Sovereignty: Reclaiming the global food system". The report outlines the pitfalls of the current corporate-led food system which has created a global food crisis affecting millions across the planet. More importantly it presents the framework of food sovereignty as an alternative solution which has been endorsed by hundred of thousands of people. It also presents case studies showing how farmers are already implanting the food sovereignty principles.  

 War on Want has been engaged with the fights against global hunger throughout its 60 years of existence. Our work has focused on challenging the roots causes of the crisis and supporting social movements in the Global South. We are also committed to build the food sovereignty movement in Europe.   

War on Want and its partners believes that food sovereignty offers a political solution to a political crisis. We hope this report will inspire you to take action to reclaim our food system.  

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From Bristol With Love #11

17-11-2011 14:55

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Formation of Bristol Squattastic

17-11-2011 14:55

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FM145: Defiant statement from the defendants outside of court

17-11-2011 14:52

"As the government’s cuts continue to destroy the economy and people’s lives we will not be put off by these attempts at humiliating and punishing us."

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Palestine Today 11 17 2011

17-11-2011 14:22

Welcome to Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Centre,, for Thursday November 17, 2011

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13 December: Oxford Census Refuser's court hearing in Reading

17-11-2011 13:25

Deborah Glass Woodin of Oxford, green activist, mother of two and widow of Mike Woodin, is due in Reading Magistrates Court on Tuesday 13 December at 10am for refusing to complete the 2011 Census.