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Bonfire in the kettle and soundz

24-11-2010 14:22

People need to keep warm on a chilly day...


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Warwick University Occupied

24-11-2010 13:55

80 students occupy Warwick university

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Police van smashed near Parliment, crowd kettled -Student demo

24-11-2010 13:42

Quick report from outside Parliament- National Student Walk-Out Demo, London

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london: behold ye sacrificial van!

24-11-2010 13:24

Once again sky news focuses on a police van stuck in a sea of protesters, this time in Westminster. It is all to easy to place such a tempting target, covered in slurs denigrating our porcine friends (the animals, not the type of authoritarian commonly called 'pig') as a choice target for the inevitable scrum of state photographers. The price paid at Euston, for the N30 was heavy. MASK UP IF YOU'RE GONNA RIOT! Why aren't the poilice defending their property??? Why is it in the middle of the road, not near any government building? Clearly they don't want their pretty buildings blackened by smoke from burning hydrocarbons.

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the next generation on walkabout

24-11-2010 13:22

the next generation


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Pictures of the march at Trafalgar Square

24-11-2010 13:22

The march has passed Trafalgar Square and is heading for Whitehall


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Campaigners welcome EU resolution on Western Sahara

24-11-2010 13:01

Campaigners across Europe are asking supporters to contact their MEP's to ensure they vote tomorrow on a resolution condemning recent Moroccan violence in Western Sahara

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Protest at closure of Erdington Connexions office

24-11-2010 12:53

Support Connexions workers

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First witness called for the Ratcliffe Trial

24-11-2010 12:23

Yesterday the first witness was called by the prosecution - Raymond Smith, former plant manager at the Ratcliffe on Soar power station.  The defence probed him on E.ON's record on sustainability.


Yesterday the first witness was called by the prosecution – Raymond Smith, the former plant manager at the Ratcliffe-on-Soar power station, on duty at the time of the arrests.

As the defence questioned Mr Smith, it emerged that during the week of the intended action the power station was working at a much lower capacity than normal. Mr Smith confirmed his original statement, in which he states that the reason for this was due to ‘market conditions and system demands’. In more simple terms, the power station runs according to whatever is most profitable at any given time, demonstrating the lack of concern for the environmental consequences.

When questioned further Mr Smith confirmed that E.ON bases its choice to use coal, the highest emitting fossil fuel, on its potential profit. The court will hear more about the devastating effects of burning coal when Jim Hansen, Director of the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies and Adjunct Professor of Earth and Environmental Sciences at Columbia University’s Earth Institute gives evidence on Monday. E. ON’s greenwashing is further evident when we compare Mr Smith’s statement on E. ON’s commitment to increasing their efficiency, with the rise in CO2 emissions at Ratcliffe by 870,000 tonnes between 2007-2008.


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The trouble with virtual earth...

24-11-2010 12:22

ITN reports Korean border dispute but gets maps hopelessly wrong.

On 23rd Nov 2010, ITN's flagship prime-time programme Channel 4 News lead with a dramatic headline - "The most severe exchange of fire between North and South Korea since the war ended in 1953..."

Perhaps the most important basic information to report in a story of this sort is where it happened. In days of yore, the producer would have had a trained cartographer, who would have referred to UN charts, almanacs and standard atlases before tracing a graphic for a story such as this.

Not so in 2010, when it's much cheaper to delegate the work to a generic 'researcher' - often a student doing work experience, quite cheap to employ, protecting the shareholders' dividends at the expense of good reporting. Microsoft Virtual Earth, much beloved of cost-cutting directors everywhere, only takes a few clicks, a nod from the graphic designer and hey presto, there's your map of the border dispute.

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Pics of students gathering at ULU

24-11-2010 12:22

first pics of students gathering. people have now left and are on the way to second base.

yeah, i want rich parents too...

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Are you getting what belomngs to you? All benefits left unclaimed

24-11-2010 11:41

Ian Duncan smith has been reported to be the saviour of Britain’s economy. This is because he is stopping the welfare payouts by the British state. At least that is what the Con-Lib coalition publicists are saying. So what is the truth?

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US "giving a hand" to Koreas' crisis (by Latuff)

24-11-2010 11:24

US "helping hand" to Koreas' crisis
Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff, originally produced for Greek newspaper "Dromos":

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Dutch AR Crackdown gahers ace

24-11-2010 10:55

On 24 and 25 November 2010, the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations organises an international conference on animal rights extremism in the Netherlands.

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Student Walkouts and Protests

24-11-2010 10:47

Occupations which began on Monday at SOAS in London and other Universities in Britol and Manchester continue. While new sit-ins started yesterday at Royal Holloway [1 | blog]. The National Day of Walkouts in London will begin with Queen Mary Uni students will be converging on ULU for 10.30 when walkouts begin across London begin. From 11.00 a Carnival of Resistance procession will start from Malet St, ULU to Trafalgar Square

more to come...

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Fire extinguisher student pleads guilty

24-11-2010 10:47

Has entered plea of Guilty to violent disorder

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Royal Holloway Sit-in Continues!

24-11-2010 10:03

Following the failure of management to meet demands, occupation at Royal Holloway is still ongoing

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Occupation at Birmingham

24-11-2010 08:42

Despite some difficulty from security guards preventing many of our students getting in more than 30 birmingham students are currently in occupation of the aston webb building the site of the prime ministerial debates. this is a copy of our written statement.

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Anarchist federation Statement on November 24th

24-11-2010 07:48

Anarchist Federation and the events of November 24th

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The man with no dong

24-11-2010 07:17

Should the south Korean puppet group dare intrude into the territorial waters of the DPRK even 0.001 mm, the revolutionary armed forces of the DPRK will unhesitatingly