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shell demo in edinburgh

05-07-2005 10:22

Tue, 5 July: 40 to 50 people were holding an anti-shell demonstration in or near Randolph Crescent. Shell has been building an oil refinery in an area of outstanding beauty in Ireland. The campaign against it has been going on for 3 years, their website is Apparently, five farmers have been arrested in ireland recently, the protest is a reaction against that as well. At about 10pm, 10 vanloads of riot police had arrived. Half an hour later, the demo had grown to 80 or 100 people, walking down the road towards heymarket, followed by the FIT team (police with cameras) and police. In Heymarket, just before 11 am, 4 police vans arrived, so that the number of police equalled the number of protesters. The demo was surrounded by police in heymarket.

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Happy Independence Day to The Land of the Free

05-07-2005 10:07

Each year, there are some 3,000 reported deaths-in-custody
Each year, there are some 3,000 reported deaths-in-custody. Ten years ago, only 150 deaths-in-custody were reported. The incarceration rate in the USA is currently 726 per 100,000 people. Almost two thirds of world countries have incarceration rates of 150 or below, per 100,000 people. The USA has the toughest prison sentences in the world, which include the death sentence and life in prison without parole.

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Injustice of Land Ownership in Scotland

05-07-2005 09:22

Inequality in land ownership and the difficulties of siting Hori-zone

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Romany Support

05-07-2005 08:56

A large convoy of Romany and other Travellers is currently on its way to Burrough Meadow to join the eco village there

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Edinburgh G8 Carnival - Soundsystem Seized by Police

05-07-2005 08:08

graff from geneva - evian G8
Yesterday on Monday 4th July police in Edinburgh seized a sound system near to Princes Street at around 12.30pm.

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Princess Street G8 Carnival Rooftop Pics

05-07-2005 08:05

Pics from the Carnival for full enjoyment - edinburgh - monday 4th July.

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Hospital workers report treating 30 fence spike injuries (carnival edinburgh)

05-07-2005 07:55

When police laucnhed baton charges against people at the Princes street park yesterday they were forcing people to climb over a fence with spiked railings. There was no choice for many as the police rained down blows and they were forced to climb the metal fence.

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EVICTION ALERT nr rampART east london

05-07-2005 07:42

Help is needed urgently to defend a large residential squat against eviction this morning. Squat is at the aldgate end of commercial road not far from rampART.

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G8 Banner Drop Edinburgh: "No More Brown Wash"

05-07-2005 07:42

Tuesday 5th July: A banner has been dropped from a crane near to Edinburgh main train station.

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Video: Make Borders History - 3rd July Glasgow - A walking tour of Migration

05-07-2005 06:30

The Make Borders History tour of Glasgow. The make border tour-ists split up in 6 groups of 30 to 100 people to explore the border regime as it manifests itself in the Scottish city.

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Video: Locals retaliate to Police over-reaction - "Get off our streets"

05-07-2005 04:47

What happened on the streets of Edinburgh. Coporate Media has been blaming Anti-capitalists for disruption in Edinburgh on Monday. But after penning in many people, Police made the mistake of penning in some locals. They reacted, some got arrested and many retaliated.

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Clowns to the Rescue ?

05-07-2005 04:23

During the 'Make Poverty History' demonstration in Edinburgh on July 2nd the Police blockade the Black Block into a narrow street.
The Rebel Clown Alliance hear of their allies plight and attempt a rescue......

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Faslane Blockade 4th July 2005

05-07-2005 03:38

Highlights of the blockade of Faslane on the 4th July.
A Highly talented Dutch news team bring reportage from an action in the build up to the G8 summit at Gleneagles.

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VIDEO: Anarchist Action Palo Alto, U$A: March Against War, Empire and Capitalism

05-07-2005 02:53

Anarchist Action - Palo Alto
On the evening of June 25, several hundred people took to the streets of downtown Palo Alto to march against war, empire and capitalism.

Video is 15:31 minutes

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There were no 'riots' in Edinburgh this afternoon.

05-07-2005 01:34

An overview of one of the protests in Edinburgh on Monday 4th July.

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UAF Finished?

05-07-2005 01:14

Searchlight magazine has announced it is pulling out of UAF. This leaves only the SWP, George Galloway and a load of Ken's cronies to pocket the cash the Trade Unions throw at them.

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Photo's from Ecovillage - Stirling

05-07-2005 00:43

Some more pictures from the ecovillage campsite in stirling.

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edinburgh pictures (monday)

05-07-2005 00:36

Blood, i assume, on the pavement. 2:05pm
A collection of pictures from the protest.

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Pictures from Edinburgh locals attacking Police around 9:30pm

05-07-2005 00:35

Locals facing up to cops in laneway
More pictures and a full report at the days events at the link below (Indymedia Éire site)

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Carnivalistas take over Edinburgh city centre

05-07-2005 00:06

The Carnival for Full Enjoyment took over the streets of central Edinburgh today. Despite a level of police violence rarely seen in Scotland, Princes Street was occupied and closed all afternoon, and well into the evening. A significant number of locals were involved along with internationals.