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shell demo in edinburgh

embra imc dispatch | 05.07.2005 10:22 | G8 2005

Tue, 5 July: 40 to 50 people were holding an anti-shell demonstration in or near Randolph Crescent. Shell has been building an oil refinery in an area of outstanding beauty in Ireland. The campaign against it has been going on for 3 years, their website is Apparently, five farmers have been arrested in ireland recently, the protest is a reaction against that as well. At about 10pm, 10 vanloads of riot police had arrived. Half an hour later, the demo had grown to 80 or 100 people, walking down the road towards heymarket, followed by the FIT team (police with cameras) and police. In Heymarket, just before 11 am, 4 police vans arrived, so that the number of police equalled the number of protesters. The demo was surrounded by police in heymarket.


embra imc dispatch


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