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Message from participants at the Ukraine No Border camp

14-08-2007 18:41

two activists from No Border groups in the UK are currently at the No Border camp in the Ukraine. This is their first report back.

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more photos of climate camp 2007 on Monday

14-08-2007 18:15

preparations at Sipson Lane, Sipson, near Heathrow

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Anarchy At The Seaside - Conflict Live In Margate

14-08-2007 17:46

Punk Rock Gig Needs Stall Holders.

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Oaxaca: Catalan Four Released Without Charge, No Reason For Incarceration

14-08-2007 17:39

The Catalan Four arrested, beaten, sexually assaulted and threatened were released last night, Monday 13 August 2007.

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Food Not Bombs Manchester - get involved!

14-08-2007 17:26

The war machine rumbles on as poverty and destitution get worse....

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Middle England judges the Climate Camp protesters

14-08-2007 15:58

Middle England, reflected by the readers of the Daily Mail have spoken. According to these greatly educated and insightful observers, the Climate Camp protesters are typically louts, scroungers, and law breakers who should be dealt with by force, intimidation and benefits assessments.

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Liverpool NHS Meeting

14-08-2007 15:33

Merseyside Keep Our NHS Public Campaign meets this Wednesday (15 August)
at 7pm at The Peoples Centre, Mount Pleasant, Liverpool.

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sms updates from IMC UK

14-08-2007 15:22

Start receiving news from Indymedia via sms

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Post Office strikes continue

14-08-2007 13:43

Workers at Crown Post Offices struck yesterday and on Friday, and are due to strike again tomorrow to stop plans to outsource services to WH Smiths.

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Help free queer refugee Ali Humayun from Sydney's Villawood detention centre.

14-08-2007 13:39

Ali at Villawood
Ali Humayun, a queer refugee locked up in Sydney’s Villawood detention centre, needs your support.

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Climate Camp opened!

14-08-2007 12:18

After a press conference at 12.30, the climate camp was opened. There will be a daily press hour at the camp. Much national and regional media were present. Most questions focussed on an e-mail by 'camp organisers', which BAA had apparently distributed, asking people to bring smart suits and steward outfits. Campers said, people might be targeting some corporations, like the BAA, so they might need them to get in. However, they reassured the press that they would not target Heathrow airport itself. The situation at the camp is calm: It's damp and cold and not many people can be seen. There is still heavy police presence at the gate, filming everyone getting in and out. A very minor police presence is at the Hayes and Harlington station. A Welcome Meeting is being held between 2 and 4pm, then the first round of workshops takes place at 4:30. The Indymedia tent is up and laptops are connected.

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preparation climate camp 2007 at Sipson, Heathrow

14-08-2007 11:55

13/08/2007 preparation of camp on site at Sipson near Heathrow

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rap song for climate camp

14-08-2007 11:48

a supporter has written a rap song about climate change and the camp

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UK National Day of Action for Starbucks Employees- Aug. 18

14-08-2007 11:06


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9/11 Truth: London Parliament Demo 11th August 2007

14-08-2007 09:37

Here are some pics from our 11 August Demonstration outside Parliament in London. Due to the legislation from 2005 (SOCPA – Serious Organised Crime and Protection Act) all demonstrators had to apply for a lone demonstration license from the police. To remain within the law we therefore all had to demonstrate on different topics to all be lone demonstrators.

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Terminate Baghdad

14-08-2007 08:53

As Mike Davis has observed the world can often be better understood by reference to Hollywood sci-fi flics than government policy`papers or academic/mainstream media ramblings. Attempts to make the surge in Iraq work are now to feature Terminator-style armed robot killers.

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A lesson for the Camp for Climate Action on FIT

14-08-2007 06:22

I was stopped by the FIT at a G8 protest. It revealed a tactic of the FIT to get real-time inteligence on the protests, by using up front close up harrasment to take messages, written or verbal from their infiltrators.

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Map of Nuclear Destruction in Portland, Oregon, USA Discovered

14-08-2007 03:17

A map of nuclear destruction in Portland, Oregon has been discovered in a Harvard study. The city was not named, and was recognized by geography and street names. Ground zero of the nuclear detonation is in the Swan Island area. Study URL:
Map on Page 9

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Public School condemns 'chav-hunt' spoof

14-08-2007 01:58

Public school boys keeping the class war alive