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Peace protest targets Labour (BBC) conference

30-09-2001 20:11

Sunday, 30 September, 2001, 18:49 GMT 19:49 UK
Peace protest targets Labour

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Labour Conference update

30-09-2001 14:21

Just a quick update on the protest occuring at the Labour party conference.

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Virus poses as anti-war msg !

30-09-2001 13:34

Watch out for your e-mail!
A Virus has anti-war header.

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400 People March in Liverpool Against the War

30-09-2001 12:40

around 400 people march through Liverpool on Saturday 29th, in protest against the War

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Global Capital nd technology: America's New War

30-09-2001 12:32

Capital, technology, and America's New War.

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Photo of Greenham Sculpture unvailing

30-09-2001 09:19

Photo of Greenham Sculpture unvailing
A photo of the Greenham March Statue By Anton Agous of Malta being unveiled on a trailer out side the City Hall in Cardiff on August 27th.

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greenham march statue

30-09-2001 08:53

greenham march statue oif a woman and child made by Anton Agius Malta. Her temporary and future permanent site.What need to be done.

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2001Letter Campaign to UN/ Demand Release of Detainees!

30-09-2001 06:40

Six pro-reform activists in Malaysia have been served an extended two year detention without trial under the draconian Internal Security Act (ISA) after their first 60 days of inhumane solitary confinement period

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3 German Prisoners in Genoa

30-09-2001 04:56

there are still several german activists - the Leipzig 3 -
incarcerated who would welcome messages, books,hardcore tapes,goodies etc.

Peter Kunze
Michael Kohl
Michael Kodritsch

Post should be mailed to:
Casa Circondariale
Piazza Marassi 2
16139 Genova"

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Tally ho for country sports, anyone?

30-09-2001 04:54

Stuff and dates from their mailing list

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Bin Ladens phone number doesn't work

30-09-2001 04:50

The Guardian was so kind to publish Osama's phonenumber - 00873 682505331 - but unfortunately he doesn't seem to be home. Callers now hear a message stating he is "not logged on or not in the dialled ocean region".

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The CIA is behind the recent massive terrorism: the demonstration is here.

30-09-2001 04:00

The first question to ask when a terrorist attack occurs in any country is: "Has the government of this country commandited the attack?"

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London Cannabis Action

30-09-2001 02:20

London Cannabis Action
A fair crowd gathered to march from Speakers Corner to Trafalger Square against the continuing fascist era of prohibition. The march kicked off with a public auction of skunk and hash under the nose and video cameras of the pigs!!

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New York City Labor Statement on September 11

30-09-2001 00:59

New York City Labor Statement on September 11
September 27, 2001

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Cardiff Walk Against Violence

29-09-2001 23:38

"A WALK FOR AN END TO VIOLENCE AGAINST ALL PEOPLES OF THE WORLD" took place in Cardiff today (29/9/01), using gentle language to defeat the present climate of fear and hopelessness. There was astonishingly good coverage of the event from BBC Wales.

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29-09-2001 22:00

Michael Moore,s second peice on the attacks

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Thousands protest in Washington DC - sat 29th

29-09-2001 20:46

For more info and live radio see DC Indymedia coverage -

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SchNEWS on ID Cards + the real terrorists 28/09/01

29-09-2001 19:30

ISSUE 324, FRIDAY 28th September, 2001

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'Elstree Eleven' found Not Guilty

29-09-2001 18:47

11 people who took part in an anti-GM action against J.Sainsbury get Not Guilty verdicts