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'The Witness' documentary film screening tonight

25-02-2008 15:40

February 25th 2008
Pogo Cafe, Hackney, London

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Photos from the Birmingham Hands Off Iraqi Oil Shell Action

25-02-2008 15:36

On Saturday 23rd February, local residents and activists occupied and closed down the Shell filling station in Kings Heath Birmingham, an act of defiance to show solidarity with the Iraqi people who are currently having their country plundered for oil.

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State-protected paedophile ring in Jersey?

25-02-2008 15:04

Kincora Echoes

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And now for the plunder

25-02-2008 14:26

Following the rape and pillage of Basra the UK Government has now decided it is time to accelerate the plunder of Iraqs assets- principally of course the oil. Basra supposedly has 70% of Iraqs stated reserves and the corporate led, UK state funded Basra Development Commission is ready to seize them for the oil majors.

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New Parenting Zine out now!

25-02-2008 13:26

Breeding Ground a new radical parenting zine is out now. With a collection of articles, and cartoons looking at how to take back control of our lives as anarchist parents, by creating support systems outside state institutions, how to collective parent, and how to try and retain your identify your own identity as a politically active individual.

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Introducing The Solidarity Without Borders Campaign

25-02-2008 12:08

Dear comrades,

We are writing to introduce the Solidarity Without Borders Campaign, a
coordinated, sustained, three-pronged campaign in solidarity with
immigrant and indigenous struggles across North and Latin America.

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Plane protest at Heathrow

25-02-2008 11:52

Four Greenpeace climate campaigners have just climbed on top of a Manchester to London plane after it parked at Heathrow Airport’s Terminal One. They are now covering the tailfin with a huge protest banner that reads “CLIMATE EMERGENCY – NO 3rd RUNWAY”.

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25-02-2008 11:41

Reasons to revolt: Climate change, global food price inflation, the collapse of the banking system, rampant nepotism and cronyism on the part of all elected officials and bureaucrats, the expansion of militarism, the global police state and so on ad infinitum. To create anew we must first destroy.

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Abduction and torture in Ecuador: Carrying out the orders of Rafael Correa?

25-02-2008 11:37

“The Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities of Ecuador CONAIE announces its objection, before the country, public opinion, international agencies, and the media, to the abduction, and psychological and verbal assault committed against Compañera Miriam Cisneros 28 years, spouse of President Marlon Santi.

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No Borders Gathering

25-02-2008 10:58

On Saturday 16th February sixty No Borders activists came together in Manchester to discuss the future of the network. The gathering was called by Manchester No Borders, and groups from Brighton, Bristol, Newcastle, Oxford, Liverpool, London, Cardiff, Birmingham and many more came for a weekend of discussions, planning and hanging out with other No Borders activists.

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Will Turkey be complicit in another war against another neighbour?

25-02-2008 09:43

This paper is an attempt to redress the information deficit and highlight especially the psychological operations being directed at Turkey to pave the way for conflict with Iran, so that the Turkish and world public perceive the danger and act in time to avert it. Circulation to all interested and concerned parties is encouraged.

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Refugees and escapees of the Prozac Nation are converging at Corsica Studios

25-02-2008 08:41

Lurking behind tabloid interest in the mental health crises of artists like Britney Spears, Heath
Ledger and Amy Whitehouse is a vast unease around mental ill-health. The everyday
stigmatisation of the Mad affects everyone.
Mad Chicks fight this stigma by celebrating the creativity and eloquence of Mad women.

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The Creeping Coup - Brezinski Seizing Control Over US Policy

25-02-2008 03:19

World Crisis Radio - In January 2007, Tarpley apparently left RBN and moved to Genesis, where he presented originally the Thursday edition of Genesis World Report; his slot has since moved to Saturday. The format remains as a "world intelligence roundup", quite similar to his RBN show.

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Beeston meeting on 7/7 March 9th

25-02-2008 00:22

Speak out on the 7/7 events in the vilified homeland

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8 March; Serco picket; Iran; Reproductive Freedoms: Feminist Fightback events

24-02-2008 23:50

Upcoming events organised by Feminist Fightback.

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Process and Form - the Indymedia Conference

24-02-2008 23:21

A take on abstract activism in motion, living, breathing, and coming damn close to performing miracles.

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Urgent seeds alert!!!!!! Genetic heritage under threat

24-02-2008 22:46

The French seed-saving organization Kokopelli has recently been fined 35,000 Euros for saving seeds not on the EU list, after being taken to court by the seed merchant Baumaux. Meanwhile, there is a severe risk of a disastrous directive being adopted by the European Union concerning seeds of conservation varieties

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Only the Name of Five Female Martyrs on the Streets of Tehran

24-02-2008 22:07

This article is translated by Shirin Saeidi, and originally appeared in Etemaad on February 7, 2008:

Society group, Mahdi Afruzmanesh: The 29th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution coincides with assessments from government, state and military officials of the Islamic Republic of Iran regarding the role of women in such sensitive areas as the revolution and war. In most recent discussions, which occurred last week, the director of women representatives in Majlis, although mistakenly referencing Simon Bulivar of Venezuela while intending to reference the French Simone de Beauvoir philosopher and feminist theorist, nevertheless asserted naming one of the streets in Tehran “Shahid Women,” corresponding with a conference on the martyred women of Iran held by Bonyad Shahid [Martyrs Institute] of the Islamic Revolution. This event, especially in conjunction with attempts at alternative representations of the revolutionary women of Iran, is noteworthy. In contrast to previous years, during which the Fajr Festival and the Week of Holy Defense focused solely on the role of men in the revolution and war, in recent years and particularly this year, we are paying closer attention to female revolutionaries. Not women standing by husband’s engaged in the struggle, but women who individually embodied the full character of a resistant force. It is in this context, and for the first time, that national discussions are held regarding women tortured by SAVAK, armed female members of organizations during the revolution, and female military and operative agents during the war.

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Palestinians Plan 'Human Chain' Protest on Gaza Border

24-02-2008 20:47

The members of Hamas and the Palestinians need to pull an industrial-strength "Gandhi-style" operation with this.

Otherwise, the carnage could be horrendous, and may be so even if the planned Hamas-led protest is completely peaceful.

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Link to video for GEO demo

24-02-2008 20:42

Here is a Link to the video for The GEO noise demo in reading on Friday