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Hunger strike demanding the release of the five Cuban antiterrorist fighters

07-07-2004 18:01

In Stockholm, on the 4th of July at 8.00 am two Swedish solidarity activists, Mr Tomas Widén and Mr Toni Lappalainen, began a hunger strike demanding the release of the five Cuban antiterrorist fighters who are imprisoned in the United States for life.
The hunger strike is a way of emphasizing the demand that the five political prisoners held by the US: Gerardo Hernández, Ramón Labañino, Antonio Guerrero, Fernando González and René González, should immediately be set free. This action is also a protest against the US’s plans for actions of war towards Cuba and Venezuela.

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The biggest Brazilian gold mine belongs to a US company

07-07-2004 17:34

Serra Pelada gold mine, in the Amazonian State of Para, one of the main Brazilian gold producers, was bought by the US mining company Phoenix Gems, which paid 40 millions dollars to exploit 100 hectares.

The contract of an important part of Serra Pelada mine’s shares, was subscribed last June 5th between a cooperative of "garimpeiros" (Brazilian gold searchers) and the US Company Phoenix Gems.

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The Fuel of the World Machine

07-07-2004 16:41

"The twofold energetic crisis of capital accumulation consists in that human energy has become vastly unprofitable while fossil energy has become too expensive. Devaluing people and upgrading oil is the short formula for the increasing dilemma of the dominant way of productionand life..The demands of a global growth economy and natural reserves in energetic fossil raw materials are in a disproportion..Production cannot keep up with need

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Sheffield Indymedia Radio begins

07-07-2004 15:51

Sheffield Indymedia Radio at the Drum
Sheffield Indymedia today had it's first radio show of the year in conjunction with Sheffield Live which on is 87.9 FM from the 1st to 28th July.

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Recent patent developments

07-07-2004 14:37

There has been a long standing interest on the IndyMedia newswire about the issue of patents - particularly those pertaining to intellectual property. A couple of recent events might be of interest.

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Video of recent happenings in Bristol

07-07-2004 13:56

Demo against the war in Iraq & St. Paul's Carnival video

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PermafrostThaw/methane threat

07-07-2004 13:34

A little published concern regarding Permafrost Thawing and the release of methane-the
most potent grrenhouse gas.

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Indymedia Romania online

07-07-2004 11:18

Including conflicts with fascists, who used a similair domain,
Indymedia Romania is now online available under:
The article is by the Romania editorial collective

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Political camps and events this summer

07-07-2004 11:04

Every year political activists come together in the summer - locally, country-wide and internationally. Here is a quick round- up of forthcoming events listed according to time, issues and location.

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Undercurrents walks for Palestine

07-07-2004 09:11

Undercurrents walks for Palestine

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Wanted: a good day to bury bad news

07-07-2004 07:24

Coalition casualty count to reach 1000 in the next few days, Bliar admits no WMD will be found,

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07-07-2004 05:47

Candidate for state office David Blomstrom is publicly advocating the death penalty for George W. Bush.

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Uprising at rampART

07-07-2004 02:37

rampART presents...

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European Creative Forum this saturday

07-07-2004 01:35

Come and create your Vision of Another World!

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Sportswear company pulls out of Burma

07-07-2004 00:28

The sportswear company, Sergio Tacchini, is pulling out of Burma. This is a direct result of the enormous activist campaign directed against it.

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Thugs attack M & S picket

06-07-2004 18:09

Thugs attack M & S picket

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Open Door - open space for refugees & asylum seekers - seeks members/volunteers

06-07-2004 17:25

"Open Door" is an Oxford-based community resource for asylum seekers and refugees. Open Door is seeking new members and volunteers to participate. Below is an appeal letter from Saul Goode from Open Door. Anyone with any time with any time spare to help this invaluable community open space, please contact him on his e-mail.

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6-15 July - Events at Ex-Grand Banks Occupied Social Centre

06-07-2004 17:13

Forthcoming events at Ex-Grand Banks Occupied Social Centre

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Put them on trial.

06-07-2004 17:03

This clip from John Pilger's documentary, Breaking the Silence, contains 2001 footage of Powell and Rice declaring that Iraq is not a threat.

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The Invasion of Haiti: How the UN Was Complicit in Crime

06-07-2004 16:18

The "international community" is often cited as either a bulwark against US imperialism, or as a counter-force to sovereign states which butcher their own people. In Haiti, it managed to be complicit with both.