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International Solidarity Movement Benefit Gig

25-11-2008 20:06

Benefit Gig, for International Solidarity Movement, Palestinian led resistance to Occupation Aparthied and Ethnic Cleansing.

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Liverpool demo against ID cards - some photos

25-11-2008 19:58

Around 30 people, including many students, took part in a demonstration against ID cards in Liverpool today outside the UK Border Agency's offices and short-term immigration prison in Reliance House on Water Street. Foreign students are among those first affected; from today they have to attend the UK Border Agency's offices to be interrogated, photographed and fingerprinted if they wish to renew study visas.

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Agenda Security

25-11-2008 18:22

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Capitalist Decline, Financial Crisis & Revolutionary Prospects

25-11-2008 17:58

During the 20th century, world wars, reformism, Stalinism and recently the credit boom successfully maintained capitalism by keeping the working class passive. But does the end of the credit boom mark the end of capitalism's survival strategies? Will the coming recession spark a new working class movement? Come and join the debate.

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ID Card Protest at Lunar House, 25 Nov 2008

25-11-2008 17:42

Lunar House, a 1970s block rented by the Home Office
London NoBorders and No2ID organised a protest at Lunar HOuse, Croydon, London, HQ of the Borders and Immigration Agency to mark the introduction of Biometric ID cards today, 25 Nov. Pictures (C) 2008, Peter Marshall.

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An English National Party

25-11-2008 17:33

Some posters have suggested addressing the "genuine concerns" of the people who join the BNP. I don't think that is an alternative to direct action, but it really can't hurt. Fascism is just mass sado-masochism and if you can't argue against that, you just can't argue.

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More revelations about secret shoot-to-kill policy at de Menezes inquest

25-11-2008 17:24

The inquest into the shooting of innocent Brazilian electrician Jean Charles de Menezes on July 22, 2005, has revealed more about Britain's secret shoot-to-kill policy. Jean Charles was shot nine times in the head at Stockwell station by anti-terrorist squad officers following-up the failed explosions on London's transport system the previous day.

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You Have No Rights: A Talk On ‘The Terrorisation Of Dissent’

25-11-2008 17:17

Bristol’s ‘Kebele’ Social Center provides the venue for a talk on ‘The Terrorisation of Dissent’

You Have No Rights: A Talk On ‘The Terrorisation Of Dissent’

With exerts from the film ‘Terrorizing Dissent’
and a speaker from the campaign to support RNC
protest arrestee Dave Mahoney.

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Smash EDO Smashing Update

25-11-2008 17:09

here's the latest news from Smash EDO

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Palestine Today 112508

25-11-2008 15:39

Welcome to Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Center for Tuesday November 25 2008

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As seen on BBC1 ITN Channel 4 Gordon Brown on Camden Death Lab

25-11-2008 15:10

The consortium behind the so called "28 Days Later Lab" in Camden have claimed that Gordon Brown "backs the project" even though the plans go against Camden Counci's planning brief which asks for affordable housing. We wrote to Gordon Brown and these are the replies we received. For those of you who don't know, there are plans to build a high level virus containment facility and animal testing lab on a Camden council house estate next to St Pancras Eurostar.

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Anti I.D Card Banner Drop In Newcastle

25-11-2008 13:33

Two banners dropped over busy inner city motorway

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Birmingham Showings of Hungerstrike Film

25-11-2008 12:52

Hunger, the film on the ’81 Hunger Strike, is showing again next week on 28th & 30th Nov and 1st Dec at 6pm. At The Electric Cinema, 47-49 Station Street, Birmingham B5 4DY. Seats £6, £4 Concessions
It will also be showing at Ruskin Hall, Victoria Rd, Aston, Birmingham B6 5HP
Friday 5th December 8.30PM £2

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Week of Events on Palestine

25-11-2008 12:21

Birmingham Ramallah Twinning Initiative (BRTI) is part of the grassroots initiative to twin Birmingham with Ramallah on the West Bank of Occupied Palestine. Two Palestinians from Ramallah will visit Birmingham from the 24th - 28th of November 2008

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"You're nicked!" BNP Racists Rapidly Removed

25-11-2008 11:52

What a prepossessing bunch...
When the police arrest somebody, it is not usually a heartening sight. But when the arrestees are members of the BNP, one can't help but feel like cheering.

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Pcs Sentenced For Pet Dog Kicking

25-11-2008 11:49

Cops Abusing Dogs

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report (and find) your local empty homes

25-11-2008 10:39

National Empty Homes Week of Action - 23rd-29th November 2008

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Leeds Multi-signatory Letter to press and people of Leeds

25-11-2008 10:30

Mutli-signatory Letter pulled together by Leeds NO2Id