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Liverpool demo against ID cards - some photos

visiting gog | 25.11.2008 19:58 | Migration | Liverpool

Around 30 people, including many students, took part in a demonstration against ID cards in Liverpool today outside the UK Border Agency's offices and short-term immigration prison in Reliance House on Water Street. Foreign students are among those first affected; from today they have to attend the UK Border Agency's offices to be interrogated, photographed and fingerprinted if they wish to renew study visas.

A long queue of non-EU citizens, including many small children, snaked out the door and into the freezing cold. The demonstration assembled on the pavement in front of the entrance, leaflets were given out, a megaphone ensured that everyone knew why we were there, and the Samba band lent some rhythm to the proceedings. Three cops were in attendance, one of whom was particularly shy of having his photo taken, something to do with his right to privacy. Maybe he'll get the day off and join the next demo. The numerous government and private CCTV cameras in the immediate vicinity didn't seem to bother him though...

visiting gog


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