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Broadway market campaign continues... Come and suport!

23-12-2005 11:03

Despite the eviction of Tony's cafe on Broadway Market on Wednesday, we are going to go on fighting for Tony to get his place back and to defend Spirit's shop. This isn't the end, it's just the beginning.... Please come to our Xmas Party on Tuesday at 1pm.

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The Real Face of Terror

23-12-2005 10:39

Masking the truth
Balaclava-clad figures move about in sinister silence as they work towards their goal of completing Oxford University’s new ‘research’ facility. If completed, will see thousands of animals blinded, drugged, brain damaged, mutilated and ultimately killed.

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Publication of all London Peace Conference Sessions

23-12-2005 08:25

Traprock Peace Center has just published to the internet its comprehensive coverage (audio, photos and video) of the London International Peace Conference, held on December 10, 2005. 1400 conference delegates called for worldwide antiwar demonstrations on March 18 and 19, 2006 to demand an immediate end to the war and occupation of Iraq.

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AADHIKAR DAILY WORLD COMMENTARY - Tony Blair's assault on the poor in UK

23-12-2005 05:54

John Hutton - who was put in place as the UK Secretary of State art the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) following the latest resignation by David Blunkett - has failed to deal with many questions that have been pout to him by legal rights and human rights advocacy organisations in the Uk following the publications of the and the misleading findings of the Public Accounts committee (PAC HC) of the UK House of Commons and also those of the UK National Audit office (NAO UK).

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UGSOA is Losing Members by The Hundreds - 387 in Less Then 2 Months

23-12-2005 03:51

What's going on at UGSOA ? It seems President Jim Vissar is once again trying to deceive the members into thinking that the UGSOA International union is financially sound, when it reported Total Net Assets of Just $56,969 dollars or .17 cents per member. This Financially Broke Storefront Union is in Serious Trouble!

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Iraqthe model: disinfo blogs?

23-12-2005 02:06

My attention was recently drawn to the existence of pro-american blogs by iraqis, one, Iraqthemodel, even got an invitation to theWhitehouse and has the support of zionist hatchet site Campus-Watch.

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23-12-2005 00:46


Letter to UN and UK Attorney General

(email to add your name to the 'supplementary signatories' list - see below)

On 7th December 2005 Tony Benn and forty three others, including Rose Gentle, Reg Keys, Harold Pinter, and Michael Mansfield QC, sent a letter to The UN and to the UK Attorney General asking them to investigate breaches of The Nuremberg Charter and Geneva and Hague Conventions during the Iraq
War, and to bring those responsible to account. The UK is obliged as a Signator to The Conventions to investigate these charges. STOP THE WAR asks you to join as supplementary signatories by e-mail, or post.

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23-12-2005 00:30

A weekly 30 minute review of news and opinion, recorded from a shortwave radio. With times and freqs for listening at home. 2 files- broadcast and slow-modem streaming. Free to rebroadcast. China, Netherlands, Spain, Cuba, and Russia.

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Spying on the US Government

22-12-2005 22:59

Countermeasures for US and Globals Citizens

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European film crew visits Spodden Valley.

22-12-2005 21:56

The birthplace of the asbestos industry...
Producer Hendrik Verbeure and Cameraman Mark Schellingerhout are Belgian based filmmakers who have just visited the Spodden Valley. They came to Rochdale to film the former Turners Brothers Asbestos site. This visit is central to their 2 hour documentary on asbestos and the diseases caused by exposure to the dust and fibre.

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Please remember this political prisoner

22-12-2005 21:33

Blind lawyer and President of the Cuban Foundation for Human Rights under house arrest

Recorded, transcribed, and translated to English by the Coalition of Cuban-American Women/ LAIDA CARRO

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Updated article on Iraqi election frauid

22-12-2005 17:03

This is a couple of articles on the Iraqi elections amounting to about 2,300 words. A short piece with 19 photos has also been added.

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Jack Straw on gays,human rights and any action about Iran

22-12-2005 16:51

Reply received from Foreign Sec, Jack Straw to a letter from a constituent of former Tory leader Micheal Howard.

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John reid on Trident renewal

22-12-2005 16:46

Reply from Defence Sec Dr John Reid to a constituent's letter on Trident Renewal via former Tory leader Micheal Howard MP.

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Deployment of 'energy' weapons in iraq

22-12-2005 16:27

US military/industrial complex development team is urging immediate deployment of a "non-lethal, counter-personnel directed-energy weapon", a transmitter that produces an energy frequency of 95 GHz and an antenna to direct an invisible beam at a target. Once the energy reaches the subject, the light beam penetrates the skin by less than 1/64th of an inch. Within seconds, the target experiences an intolerable heating sensation. The sensation would stop if the target moves or the system is turned off

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Waverley say no to housing privatisation

22-12-2005 15:45

Waverley has been added to the growing list of councils where the tenants have said no to the sell-off of their homes.

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Photoshop for freedom - how YOU can beat the Parliament Square crackdown!

22-12-2005 13:42

This is just another idea for how we might work to highlight the absurdity of Blair's criminalisation of peaceful protests in Parliament Square.

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Racist Abuse of Prisoners

22-12-2005 13:29

The disproportionate imprisoning of young black people has always been an inevitable result of a criminal justice system inbuilt at every level with racist attitudes and an antipathy towards the black working class community.

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Iraqi bogus elections

22-12-2005 12:07

The Iraqi elections are juat as fraudulent as the non existnt WMD.

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South East Wales anarchist newsletter

22-12-2005 11:37

latest issue of South east Wales anarchist Newsletter 'Gagged!', now on double figures...