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Afghan News (10) - Weddings Become Big Business

31-07-2004 18:46

Expensive parties in hotels have become the rage, but for some the choice is between picking a wife and paying the rent.

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Afghan Massacre: The Convoy of Death

31-07-2004 18:44

In November 2001, near the northern Afghan city of Kunduz, a major battle was raging between the Northern Alliance forces of Rashid Dostum and the suddenly vulnerable Taliban. Following the battle, thousands of the latter surrendered, "under assurances that they would not be harmed." However, due to a complex series of events, this was not to be. Now, up to 3,000 murdered Taliban prisoners lie in an unmarked mass grave in a lonely stretch of Afghan desert, according to Afghan Massacre: The Convoy of Death, a compelling new documentary from veteran BBC journalist and filmmaker Jamie Doran.

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31-07-2004 18:38

Latest info as follows:
A. Suspected VBIED (m/cycle) along Jalalabad Road. Souter are dealing with it. Man arrested with 18kg of explosives. Further VBIED (Taxi), same area being checked. Also Apple cart found in same area with rockets inside.

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Afghan News (8) - Medical agency blasts allied forces for linking help to military aims

31-07-2004 18:34

Angry international aid agencies say U.S. and NATO forces in Afghanistan are endangering their workers' lives by linking humanitarian assistance with military objectives.

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Karzai stakes claim to presidency

31-07-2004 18:31

Mr Karzai still struggles to exert his authority over the country
Afghan interim President Hamid Karzai has announced he is standing as a candidate in presidential elections due on 9 October.

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Afghan News (6) - American-Muslim relations are at a crossroads: it is still possible the right tu

31-07-2004 18:21

What does America stand for and where are American relations with the Arab and Muslim world going? The 28 June "transfer" of power in Iraq marks a turning point for the Bush administration and American politics. The American presidential race will intensify the debate, raising even more strongly questions about the US mission, role, failures, and the resultant decline of America's moral authority in the world.

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31-07-2004 18:19

This document has been passed to me for publication, so here it is.

IED: On 28 Jul GLOBAL reported that another IED was discovered last night in the centre of Taliqan city placed near a shop. Reportedly it was removed by Halo Trust EOD team.

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Afghan News (4) - Daily CR-Security SITREP 29 July 2004

31-07-2004 18:17

This document has been passed to me for publication, so here it is.

SECURITY Central Region, Afghanistan

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Afghanistan's unending muddle entwined in a gridlock

31-07-2004 18:10

United States President George Bush considers Afghanistan a prize in his "war on terror" – and many western regimes continue backing Afghan president Hamid Karzai as the best choice for the Central Asian country. Others expect Afghanistan to eventually resolve its internal insecurity, as it heads towards a long awaited transition to representative government, with presidential elections planned for October.

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Afghan News (2) - A populist hero emerges from under the rule of the gun

31-07-2004 18:09

-- The most powerful warlords in the country call her a communist, and in Afghanistan that could be enough to seal a death warrant.
But Malalai Joya, a 25-year-old Afghan woman who runs an orphanage and health clinic, refuses to give up her crusade to rid the country of what she calls "warlords and criminals" involved in drug trafficking, land seizures and attacks on civilians.

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Red Alert in Kabul

31-07-2004 18:07

ISAF have been on red alert this week. In one morning in Jalalabad Road they were tipped off and found one motorbike bomb, one car bomb, a man with 18 kg of explosives and an apple cart with rockets hidden in it. Also a few rockets have been fired into the centre of Kabul. Prior to the elections this is predictable. See the security reports attached. It may not be as straight forward as it seems. In some cases local security forces may have planted explosives and then take credit for finding them and justify their positions. If rewards are offered there is even more incentive to do this. The international community is getting a bit nervous and travel restrictions have become very strict.

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Venezuelan anarchists and critics of blind solidarity

31-07-2004 16:47

We've been getting some posts recently about 'solidarity with Venezuela' which translates into 'solidarity with the Chavez regime'. It is the usual old leftist politics of crawling up to 'third world' state leaders with a nationalist, anti-imperialist rhetoric. Here is an article taken from the Venezuelan anarchists website (English language section), with the address below. Even if you don't agree with all their opinions, things are more complex and there are more lines of thought out there than might be apparent.

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World Trade Conference-farm breakthru ?

31-07-2004 15:39

Deal to slash farm subsidies to help poverty ??

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The Invention of the Frankenstein Monster: Interview with Carlos Fuentes

31-07-2004 14:37

"The United States is extraordinarily gifted in creating monsters like Frankenstein. Then one fine day they discoved that these Frankensteins are dreadful.. Since the Second World War, there hasn't been a catastrophe comparable to the US attack on Iraq.." This interview with the renowned Mexican novelist is translated from the German in Freitag 31, July 2004.

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Indian Classical Mash-Up @OccupiedSocialCentre 2Nite

31-07-2004 12:25

Indian Classical Music at eX-gRandbAnks tOnight

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Autonomüs :Lab - Upcoming Events

31-07-2004 12:21

up and down coming events in chalk farm road.

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Critical Mass 30th July

31-07-2004 10:38

Critical Mass 30th July

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Adolf McDonald's (by Latuff)

31-07-2004 09:47

Heil Big Mac!
Copyleft by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff.

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31-07-2004 05:47

THE 'Financial weekly' looks at war


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Death of a Civilization, Welcome 21st Century American Slave

31-07-2004 02:54

The death of civility and decency in the U.S. and the reconditioning of the minds of the American people.