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Afghan News (4) - Daily CR-Security SITREP 29 July 2004

MrDemeanour | 31.07.2004 18:17 | Analysis | Oxford | World

This document has been passed to me for publication, so here it is.

SECURITY Central Region, Afghanistan


IED/Terrorist Threat: 29 July, 08:30 hrs, Kabul District #9. This morning the UN Security received warnings of a number of IED threats in the vicinity east of Shaeed Abdul Haq square off the main Kabul- Jalalabad road. The initial report indicated the presence of a Motorbike having explosive under its seat connected with detonator wires, this was confirmed as an IED. Simultaneously another report indicated a suspicious car parked on the side (West bound) of the road with three flat tires close to the front entrance of the Traffic Department this was confirmed after NSD searched the vehicle it was cleared, not an IED. The third IED was located in an apple cart next to a local merchant shop directly off the SAH Square, approx 20 meter from the main road. Note all IED’s were swiftly disarmed with out incident.

IEDs/Mine Defused: 29 July, 00:05 hrs, Kabul district 5: One rocket impacted on the top of a mountain called BALA KOH within district 5, no injuries. The launching point was estimated from a location called Qalai Khwaja N/W of District five, the found three more rockets which were set and positioned to be fired were also defused by the district security personals.

Dead Bodies found out of Collapsed Hospital: 29 July, 09:30-10:30 hours Kabul Jamhoriat Hospital. Three more dead bodies were seen while excavating the ruins of the collapsed building two of the bodies were dug out of the ruins; they are working on removing the third body seen.

Logar, Wardak, Kapisa, Parwan, Panjsher: NTR