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30-11-2003 14:05

Buy Nothing Day of action...

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Greece: Anti-GMO demonstration of 40 Farmer Unions, eco-groups and social organ

30-11-2003 13:32

Big manifestation took place right in the heart of Agricultural production of Greece, Thessally, where more than 40 groups of farmer Unions, Ecology groups and organizations demonstrated for characterizing Thessaly GMO-free land

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Do something for West Papua

30-11-2003 13:15

In 1967 the West Papuans were cheated out of independance by Indonesia with the complicity of the UN. It will only take a few minutes to write to the Indonesian embassy and contact Blair and your MP. People will be going to London tomorrow from Oxford. Join them if you can.

If we see gross injustice and do nothing are we complicit by inaction?

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Photes from campsfeald demo

30-11-2003 11:21

a good demo

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30-11-2003 11:04

The previously banned pantomime, "Snow White and the Seven Asylum Seekers" is
now due to go ahead in a North Devon village. Initially due to be staged in
the village of Merton, the panto was banned (quite rightly) by the local
parish council after taking advice from two race relations watchdogs. That should
have been the end of the matter however performances of the panto have now
been moved to a neighbouring village.

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Liverpool : indy news website Kirkby Times banned by Knowsley Council

30-11-2003 01:42

Knowsley Council try to ban Kirkby Times

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Two sides of Ariel Sharon's Wall of Shame (by Latuff)

30-11-2003 00:38

Israel's Wall of Shame
Copyright-free artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff, on behalf of brave Palestinian people and their struggle against U.S. backed Israeli terror.

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Israel Defies The World Yet Again ...

29-11-2003 23:03

There can be no denial what the obstruction to peace in the Middle East is and no misunderstanding that the road to peace does not go through Washington, or Tel Aviv.

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Thank Tony! (well, maybe not...)

29-11-2003 21:47

Here's an American Website set up to send thanks to Tony Blair for helping the US out in Iraq...

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Buy nothing day - Read and despair

29-11-2003 20:17

Considering how it's buy nothing day, the irony of this story seemed superb.

Walmart has apologised to a woman knocked unconscious as shoppers rushed for a sale of DVD players.

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29-11-2003 19:52


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29-11-2003 19:52


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Demo in Campsfield

29-11-2003 18:19

a report of today's demo for the closure of Campsfield

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Indymedia Cinema Special!! Dec 3rd - The 4th World War

29-11-2003 15:47

The Fourth World War -
The first London screening of the latest film from Big Noise Films, who also made Zapatista and This is what democracy Looks Like!

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Afghan Diary

29-11-2003 14:56

Another week as a United Nations Volunteer in northern Afghanistan. Another week of amazing UN incompetency, deteriating security and Bushkasi.

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Stop The Wall: Latest Update From The Anti-Aparteid Wall Campaign

29-11-2003 13:57 in a Week
from the Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign

Friday, November 28th, 2003

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ftaa-miami / SOA AUDIO

29-11-2003 13:38

BLAST FURNACE RADIO is playing all the audio it can glean from the net and putting it on a continues loop. tune in. having problems getting our web radio station just drop us a line.

audio streaming link:

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sussex uni buy nothing day action

29-11-2003 11:35

Sussex uni buy nothing day action

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What about the Pensioners?

29-11-2003 10:22

Firstly if you are a middle class trendy lefty (with an eye for the Queens language) and you are bothering to read this. Ignore the spelling mistakes, bad punctuation and grammar. To hell with the Queens language! That’s what I say.

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How I became an 'unconscious fascist'

29-11-2003 08:33

In 1967 I was a young communist, like most Italian youngsters. Bored by my rebellious behavior my family sent me to a Kibbutz in the upper Galilee, Neot Mordechai. I was quite satisfied there, the kibbutz used to give some money every month to the Vietcong. When the Six Day War began, Moshe Dayan spoke on the radio to announce it. I asked: "What is he saying?" and the comrades of Neot answered: "Shtuyot," silly things. During the war I took children to shelters; I dug trenches, and learned some simple shooting and acts of self defense. We continued working in the orchards, but were quick to identify the incoming Mig-im and the outgoing Mirage-im, chasing one another in the sky of the Golan Heights.