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Best defence against terrorism is a split with US, say voters

07-09-2006 06:17

In other words, get rid of Bliar and the rest of his criminal Gang.

Such debates give me hope, as they are increasing in volume and clarity, all over the world. I recently read this, and said 'finally, people are waking up'. Though I fear what the "Neo-Con" Fascists will do while backed into a corner, the risk of doing nothing is much, much greater.

Cheney Can't Scare Me Anymore

I'm not sure we're quite ready for this approach, but for the first time since Sept. 11, I see signs that America is gradually coming to its senses. The country is like the addicted gambler who, instead of continuing his doomed search for a game he can win, finally begins to wonder if the real problem is his presence in the casino.

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Phoney Bliar Faces Revolt, The Plan To Let Him Off Easy

07-09-2006 06:13

Do not allow this War Criminal, this traitor to Britain, to cruise off into the sunset as if nothing's happened. He must be held to account for his crimes.

Distribute leaflets to keep the public mind fresh, and counter the Propaganda. Public art projects, to discredit the Propaganda, and those who spread it.

Direct action and NOISE at any planned "Praise Blair" events.

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Australian government sets course for militarism and war

07-09-2006 05:47

The drive to war
The drive to war and the militarisation of society that accompanies it are not passing phenomena, but the surest signs of a deep-going crisis of the entire social order. They signify that the private profit system has become completely incompatible with the interests and aspirations of the vast majority of the world’s population.

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What the World Bank and IDB Owe Haiti

07-09-2006 03:59

Notice that Charles Arthur and the Haiti Support Group (UK) have been spreading some major disinformation in regards to the IDB/IMF and the former Aristide government in Haiti. Please read this article to find how the IDB and others destabilized the Aristide govt. Aristide refused to privatize. The FTZ in 2003 became the only way for the Aristide government to reengage foreign financers. Read Paul Farmer's chapter in LET HAITI LIVE also. Charles Arthur is now taking an extremely deceitful campaign against the government elected by Haiti's poor majority.

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BEYOND PROPAGANDA: Climate Change, BP Greenwash And The Press

07-09-2006 02:47

On May 25, one of us spent several minutes laughing on the phone with a friend of ours, an environmental journalist. We were looking at the homepage of the Independent website - a newspaper that has made huge efforts to present itself as a radical campaigning force for action on climate change. A February 17 news report, for example, was titled: 'Greenhouse gases are already past threshold that spells disaster.' A May 4 article read: 'Global warming fastest for 20,000 years - and it is mankind's fault.'

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City harvest workshop at climate camp

06-09-2006 23:27

mindmap: some advantages of growing your own food
A summary of the workshop "City Harvests- eat away at those food miles" at the camp for climate action.

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Protest against Blair and Alan Johnson, London, TOMORROW!

06-09-2006 22:24

Protest against New Labour's schools sell-off!

Tomorrow, Thursday 7 September, Tony Blair and Secretary of State for Education Alan Johnson will be speaking from 2.30pm at Quintin Kynaston, a technology college in St John's Wood with a largely working-class, ethnically diverse student body and a large proportion of refugees, especially from Iran and Iraq. They are speaking there because it will be one of the first wave of "trust schools" handed over to big business by New Labour.

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How Hitler Became a Dictator

06-09-2006 22:17

Whenever US officials wish to demonize someone, they inevitably compare him to Hitler. Resist the beginnings is a lesson from German history.

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Polling for Deeper Answers

06-09-2006 21:55

20 ?>?'s Questions we should get as many people as possible to answer. Also it would help to have a list of political views on a continuum and then ask people to identify one or two of those that represent their politics. Answers and suggestions appreciated.

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This is What Democracy Looks Like ... Cops Promote Violence at Community Festiv

06-09-2006 21:52

A friend of the void has sent shocking photos of a police 'violence workshop' held at Regent's Street Festival over the weekend.

Whilst most people were happy to drink over-priced and soak up the bland entertainment on offer it seems the Met had a very different agenda.

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On The Coltan Trail

06-09-2006 20:03

Before 1998 columbite-tantalite, coltan, was an obscure natural resource. It is a mixed ore containing niobium (formerly columbium) and tantalum. In eight years its necessity and value has increased due to rapid advancements in technology. Without coltan the technological industry would slip into crisis, with catastrophic repercussions across the Western world.

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Rally of Resistance at Labour Party Conference

06-09-2006 19:53

Giving notice of a lunchtime protest on Wednesday 27 September outside LP Conference

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Stop Heifer International: Baby Animal Kidnappers and Killers

06-09-2006 19:49

Help stop's promotion of Heifer International, Nature Conservancy
and other animal killing groups

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Malik Must Stay Campaign

06-09-2006 18:41

At sentencing the judge imposed a term of imprisonment for the offence but also recommended that Malik should be deported, as his presence in the UK was 'not conducive to the public good'. Malik accepted and served the prison sentence for the offence but does not accept the recommendation to deport and is appealing against it.

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In Lebanon a battle within the Middle East great war

06-09-2006 18:30

There are only two possible solutions for the “Palestinian problem”, classic solutions, historically already defined by the communist movement: or the proletarian revolution (in that particular area the bourgeois revolution is done, as we said above, and it had the mark of Israel) that allows the unification of the nationalities in a transition phase (obviously to eliminate the national problem to the root); or a total war that redraws the whole map of the Middle East and reaches the same aim by a top-imposition.

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Faslane 365 - Political Song Group Organising Meeting

06-09-2006 17:59

Sit and Sing against Trident - Political Song Blockade at the Trident Nuclear base at Faslane, Scotland

Planning meeting this Sunday 10th Sept in London; St Anne’s and St Andrew’s – 125 Salisbury Road. NW6. Opposite Brookesville Avenue.

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Triumph of Blairism! Not in the Crassrail holed East End of London !

06-09-2006 16:58

The Blaired news media led all day yesterday with the alleged prescription for a 'Blairing departure' by the man whom today’s [Wednesday 6 September 2006] Guardian has raised to the highest level of praise possible. Triumph of Blairism. What is the commodity? Where is it to be found? Certainly not in the East End of London whence Blair has now recruited THREE tokens and tools of propaganda, as if to compensate for the ouster of Oona King from her over-Blaired seat in Bethnal Green and Bow. The Crossrail hole plot has been endorsed by Alan Meale who obstructed evidence being given to the Crossrail Select committee [June 2006] that would have exposed crucial defects and the fundamental flaws in the sham CRASSRAIL project. So how is Blairism seen to those fighting the oppressive Blair schemes down in the East End?

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"Senior" Cabinet Minister set to resign

06-09-2006 16:25

Online rumours are gathering force that a "senior" UK Cabinet Minister is set to follow the lead of seven junior cabinet ministers, and resign in protest at Tony Blair's failure to name a date for his steeping down.

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Advanced Disclosure/Press Release: Dear Sir: S.O.S. XXX

06-09-2006 16:07

Corruption is a dirty ugly word.

Please read and distribute this statement of corruption - Statement of Charity sweet: expert independent witness on corruption - Part 1 of 4; should you see fit to do so.

All assistance welcome and needed in delivering this statement to the below noted governing bodies. XXX

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Day 6 of Mersey Fire Strike: "We are not getting anywhere."

06-09-2006 13:59

Firefighter Mark Rowe - Speaking up for Merseysiders
Even as he was announcing another eight dates of strike action against the Fire Authority's cuts agenda, Merseyside FBU secretary Les Skarratts admitted "We are not getting anywhere."