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document of shame

27-01-2011 14:17

the story of the missing kids Where do all the missing children go? This true certified documentary from the French tv station gives us an insight into the European child trade. Think the police or gardai will aid you when your child goes missing? Think again! Money corrupts.

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Mahmoud Abbas & PA stonewalled the Goldstone vote !!

27-01-2011 11:45

[...Abu Mazen agreed to postpone the vote because the Israelis threatened to release the “tapes” showing him coordinating the attack on Gaza with Israel ....]

[..The Palestinian Authority (PA) has shown operational willingness to co-operate with Israel to kill its own people..]

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Police plan huge operation to contain Manchester student protest on Saturday

27-01-2011 11:39

A massive police operation costing around £100,000 is being planned ahead of a protest by up to 14,000 students.

Greater Manchester Police have shared intelligence with other forces to identify potential troublemakers before the march in Manchester city centre on Saturday. Police fear extremists could hijack the protest over government education cuts.

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mark Kennedy was invited to Germany to infiltrate the anti-fascist movement

27-01-2011 11:21

The Guardian have run a story, based on a article,,1518,741826,00.html (which credits for it's photo!) which "Kennedy's involvement in criminal activity during his time in Germany highlights concerns that he was working as an agent provocateur and not just an observer of the activists." An extract of the article in the Guardian follows.

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Wikileaks: UK Critical Infrastructure and Key Resources

27-01-2011 10:39

One of the latest cables to be released, 09STATE15113, contains, "a comprehensive inventory of CI/KR (critical infrastructure and key resources) that are located outside U.S. borders and whose loss could critically impact the public health, economic security, and/or national and homeland security of the United States". The UK list CI/KR follows, these places would appear to be good targets for protests!

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Senior woman anti-nuke campaigner jailed for 45 days in Scotland

27-01-2011 10:11

Nuclear weapon - ICJ could find no lawful threat or use
Georgina Smith, aged 81, jailed for second time over refusal to pay for 2006 'redecoration' of High Court in Edinburgh

Georgina Smith was sentenced yesterday (Wednesday 26 January 2011) to 45 days' imprisonment by Fort William Sheriff Court to for refusing to comply with a compensation order for damage for painting the sandstone wall of the Edinburgh High Court in Scotland in 2006, during the year-long Faslane 365 campaign. Georgina and Helen John had already served sentences in Cornton Vale prison in relation to this action, but had refused to pay the compensation order.

Check back here for details of where to send letters and cards of solidarity. In the meantime, messages of support can be sent to media [at] . These will be forwarded to Georgina.

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Canada Hiding Tunisia's Ben Ali Family 'Big Fish' Billionaire?

27-01-2011 08:19

Indications are that family members of the Tunisian dictator, including billionaire, Belhassen Trabelsi are in hiding in Canada. Authorities there seem unwilling to arrest the fugitives despite Interpol warrants. Tunisians in Canada are alarmed and concerned. Protests are planned in the Canadian capital next Wednesday.

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Edinburgh Shell garage shut in solidarity with Rossport Solidarity Camp

27-01-2011 04:01

Last night people shut down the Shell petrol station on Comiston Road, Edinburgh. This action was taken in solidarity with the people of Rossport, Mayo, Ireland, who have been struggling against Shells gas plans in their community for over a decade. The action was also taken in soldidarity with the people of the Niger Delta who are suffering under Shells brutal corporate imperialism.

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Cardiff Rally against the Cuts

26-01-2011 23:16

Thursday 3rd February at 7 pm
Transport House, Cathedral Road, Cardiff, CF11 9SB

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The Empty Press Room - How Corporate Journalism Happily Lost Interest in Climate Change

26-01-2011 22:47

In the media’s coverage of climate change, are we really still stuck on square one of some ghastly board game?

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Holy Land 5: "The Nelson Mandelas of the 21th century"!

26-01-2011 22:42

It can always become worse. In 2009 5 members of the Holy Land Foundation (HLF) are tried to 15 - 65 years of detention in the Wild West. Why? For donating emergency (medical-food) goods and supplying money to the refugees of the Gaza-strip! In 2001 the Bush administration shut the foundation down, although no direct links have been found with Hamas. Guilty by association. Israël and the FBI were folowing HLF from 1993 onwards and harrassing the members of HLF.

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Recap-Remembering WHY we are here....

26-01-2011 21:30

A short recap as to what its all about-a reminder of how much the tory scum are laughing at us, and why we should carry on being FU*!ING ANGRY.

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Welsh BNP Leader Conviction

26-01-2011 21:02

A leading figure in the Wales BNP has been convicted in court for assault! No surprise there then.

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welcome to room threeohthree

26-01-2011 19:22

Did you read that article on SchNEWS and some IMC sites[1], pertaining that cops post on Indymedia UK? Wow, that is a big story, isn't it? Not surprising, really, any sensible person had been assuming that this is the case. But actually proving that cops have posted confidential information and have been acting as agent provocateurs on Indymedia UK? That is one hell of a story! Especially coinciding with the current revelations about the doings and screwings of undercover cops, embedded amongst dangerous activist outfits such as CIRCA.

Anyway, sadly it is just that: a story. Taking a closer look at the story, one thing is missing: there isn't any factual evidence.

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The PA is and arm of Imperialism/Zionism

26-01-2011 18:50

"The Palestine Papers reveal that Fatah was obsessed with maintaining political supremacy over Hamas, with Israel’s cooperation, especially following the 2006 electoral victory of the Islamist movement. Documents obtained by Al Jazeera also show the extent to which the Palestinian Authority cracked down on Hamas institutions to weaken the group and strengthen its own relationship with Israel."

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New Radical Health Care Workers forum

26-01-2011 18:22

There's a new forum started up for radical health care workers.

Why do we feel there's a need for a project like this?

Because there are plenty of radicals within the health care system, but within such a huge sector we are often isolated and left to navigate the complexities of health care by ourselves, instead of as part of a radical community.Because working in health care involves elements such as dignity, health, compassion, inequality, power, addiction, oppression that resonate with the wider struggle.Because health care, and the NHS in particular, looks very different from the inside. There needs to be a space to constructively criticise mainstream health care without being forced into a simplistic defensive position or reactionary alternative.Because the UK has both a massive economic deficit and a new government that is ideologically opposed to universal health care, and for all the election pledges to not cut NHS spending, the years ahead hold cutbacks, restructuring and privatisation.Because even before the restructuring by a new government, the NHS is in crisis. Many of us work in trusts deemed to be "failing," with little sign of things getting better.Because as workers we often find ourselves expected to work ever harder; with inadequate equipment, poor management and unsatisfactory support.Because we find ourselves ignorant of radical health care histories - of hospital occupations and strikes. With greater discussion and sharing of ideas, we can educate ourselves and learn from the past.

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Everyday is Troll Atos Day

26-01-2011 18:07

First prize for Troll A Tory Day goes to:

You win a Crisis Loan, just pop down to the DSS to claim it and say we sent you.*

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Anonymous Press Statement : Operation Egypt

26-01-2011 17:24

To the Egyptian Govt : Anonymous challenges all those who are involved in censorship. Anonymous wants you to offer free access to uncensored media in your entire country. When you ignore this message, not only will we attack your govt websites, we will also make sure that the international media see the horrid reality you impose on your people!