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Scottish police discriminate ageist Anti-Scientology protests.

10-06-2008 21:14

Anonymous protester
Scottish police abuse there authority to discriminate ageist Anti-Scientology protesters.

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First Clown Account of the Edible Dionysian Orchestra's (EDO) Grand Finale

10-06-2008 20:47

Loads of clowns turned up to play outside EDO for its grand finale ast Wednesday 4 June.

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No to the Counter-Terrorism Bill: Don't let our civil liberties die!

10-06-2008 15:11

Peace Strike action against the Counter-Terrorism Bill today
MPs will vote today and tomorrow on the controversial Counter-Terrorism's about a lot more than 42 days. Contact your MP now and stop this Bill from becoming law!

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Noise Demo at UK Coal Head Office Protest

10-06-2008 12:42

UK Coal is about to devastate a beautiful part of the Derbyshire countryside by starting an open cast mine. So ‘Leave it in the Ground’ and Earth First! decided to make some noise over it with people from Derby, Nottingham Leeds, Sheffield, Manchester and Brighton as well as other places, all travelled to UK Coals Head office in Doncaster to make some noise.

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Let's shout about the price of oil

10-06-2008 12:35

Should we be complaining about increases in fuel prices or welcoming them as a help in addressing climate change and peak oil? This article suggests we should be shouting, not just for cuts in prices, but for responsible management of the world's resources. It is in our own self interest to do so.

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Call 4 Action - Israel March

10-06-2008 12:25

Call for Action against the 29 June Salute to Israel March in London

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Silvio Berlusconi: A threath for European democracy?

10-06-2008 12:21

Elected senator and member of Berlusconi's party 'people of freedom'
In the media I read that Berlusconi's company mediaset has taken over the dutch media concern of Endemol. Do we have to worry in Europe?
The victory of Berlusconi has nothing to do with the 'exotic' nature of Italians, or with political left or right but everything with mediaconcentrations that can fall in the wrong hands.
Who or what controls the European media?

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Fujitsu Strike Birmingham: You can have your Logo but hands off our jobs!

10-06-2008 12:16

Where's that Fujitsu plant in Birmingham?
Fujitsu workers from the Communication Workers Union (C.W.U.) went on strike yesterday and picketed the Birmingham telecommunications plant in the blazing sun to protest against losing their jobs. 140 jobs are destined to go if Fujitsu decides to end production in Birmingham and take their work to Texas in the United States. If it hadn't been for the picket outside we wouldn't have found the site at Birmingham Business Park as management had taken the company’s logo down at the entrance of the plant just before the strike claiming it needed cleaning, whilst workers were convinced that the corporation wanted to keep any bad publicity to an absolute minimum.

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After EDO, George Bush this Sunday, London?

10-06-2008 12:05

PROTEST BUSH VIST - Parliament Square, Sunday 15th June, 5pm.
George Bush is coming to London and a protest site has been announced by Stop The War Coalition. Although not a thrilling action, possible momentum from the great demo at Edo in Brighton last week could make something more direct happen on the streets of London.

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Vegan Society Press Release: Arrests in Austria

10-06-2008 11:56

The Board of the Vegan Society is deeply concerned about the arrest and detention without charge on 21st May 2008 of members of our sister organisation the Austrian Vegan Society and similar groups.

We understand that those arrested have now been interned for a further four weeks, see article -

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Free the Cuban Five!

10-06-2008 11:18

A three-judge panel of the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals of Atlanta upheld Wednesday the guilty verdicts of the Cuban Five, prisoners in the United States since 1998...

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Transition City Brum - film screening and discussion

10-06-2008 10:02

Thursday 26th June, 7-9pm @ Dickens Room, Birmingham and Midland Institute. An evening of films and discussion on peak oil, climate change and the search for positive solutions in Birmingham.

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NLD's Landslide Victory Still Valid: Burma Democratic Concern

10-06-2008 09:30

Burma Democratic Concern today condemned Burmese military regime attempting to nullify 1990 Elections result in which National League for Democracy led by Aung San Suu Kyi won the landslide victory and call for the international community to make sure to implement 1990 Election result.

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London to Geneva Peace Walk, May 2008

10-06-2008 00:59

First Day
We have been in France for 28 days, and over a month since the walk began. We have had huge support from not just local people but globally the walk has been joined by people from Japan, Canada, German, France, Italy, Australia, Sweden, Scotland, England, Niger & the United States of America.

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Treaty Tensions Mount as Iraq Tells the US It Wants All Troops Back in Barracks

10-06-2008 00:56

Can you blame the Iraqi people for not wanting the occupation troops to stay?

If this "agreement" gets passed before the end of this year (and the end of the election season, so Bush can trumpet Iraq as a "success" worth all the cost in blood and money), look for the Iraqi people to revolt completely against the Al-Maliki government (and US troops) in any way they can think of.

Creating a Forward Operating Base for US forces to prosecute the rest of its planned Regional Wars was, of course, one of the main reasons for the US to attack both Afghanistan and Iraq. This 'agreement' appears designed to create the appearance that this is some new development, as the Neo-Cons can no longer hide the construction of permanent bases its Opposition has been pointing to since late 2003.

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Israeli officials: We will invade Gaza before truce deal takes effect

10-06-2008 00:55

We can now see, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that Israel's ruling Extremists are the ones who've rejected peace and coexistence with the Palestinians.

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Camden Deadly disease lab / animal testing lab....PR firm and Security firm.

09-06-2008 22:42

Most of you will know about the attempt to build the "World's largest ever, high level, virus containment facility and animal testing lab" on a Camden council estate and next to St Pancras International.
They have hired a PR agency to "answer letters", which go ignored for months at a time. Campaigners want to know what will happen to the National Temperance hospital site, what safety plans are in place for the Kings Cross lab {B.L.I.S.S. - British Library International Science Site}

The NIMR are also hiring a security firm to guard the NIMR owned old National Temperance Hospital, Grant Security's LTD.

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Neoconofascism Manipulate U.S. Via Mainstream Media:

09-06-2008 21:52

But why is Ivy Leaguer and east coast elitist William Kristol, who never served in the United States military himself, whining about what Obama says in respect to the U.S. military? Apparently we must weigh in the fact that William Kristol, and his father, are ardent neo-conservatives whose ideological founder was Leo Strauss. More importantly we need note that Leo Strauss was a “fascist” political philosopher who taught at the University of Chicago.

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Manchester Police Own Goal

09-06-2008 19:37

It appears Manchester Constabulary fired and scored an own goal today with the death of one of their officers during routine firearms training in a Manchester warehouse.