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Colombia archbishop murdered by state

18-03-2002 10:06

Colombian narco-fascism has seen little success against the FARC except its constant use of defamation through the corporate media. Like the murder of Father Romero in El Salvador, the ruling class strikes once again showing its true face of cowardice and manipulation.

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A Complex of any kind is a bad thing

18-03-2002 10:01

A Complex of any kind is a bad thing
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EU army agreed

18-03-2002 09:59

Britain caves in on Euro army

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photo + audio Barcelona mass meeting 16/03/2002

18-03-2002 09:21

500,000 people says: Another world IS POSSIBLE

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Six months that changed a year

18-03-2002 09:18

9/11: The planes strike – as Martin Amis memorably describes them – ‘sleeking in like harsh metal ducklings ’. Tony Blair publicly drains every drop of blood from his wife to help the injured of New York. Taking his time, George W. Bush formulates a measured response - which turns out to be the most expensive bollocking ever unleashed against shepherds. But are we starting to forget? Figures show that even as the second tower fell, people were switching off their televisions, complaining they'd seen it all before. Today in these pages, we help you make up your own mind about the absolute necessity of fighting the ongoing war that is Operation Improving Bloodbath...

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napoli; no global vs cop

18-03-2002 02:00

napoli; no global vs cop

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The Last Circle - Intro

18-03-2002 01:58

The truth is irrepressible, it is funny to look at the history of fools that challenge this reality.

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Capitalist News Network Barcelona Reports

18-03-2002 00:08

For what it's worth, here are two reports on the Barcelona mobilization from America's own "Voice of Wall Street."

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Draw stuff

17-03-2002 22:25

Seen now as a soporific answer to our achey quakey world, dope is on the edge of ok - a selection of links to todays stories, and to 2 cannabis cafe promoters, while disgracefully, Colin Davies remains in the hole

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17-03-2002 22:22


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The time has come...

17-03-2002 20:36

The time has come...

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The Missing Plane saga continues:

17-03-2002 20:26

There is no evidence to support the official story of a giant airliner crashing into the Pentagon on Sept 11th. New evidence taken from pictures of the explosion has provided crucial information. When CNN showed the 5 picture sequence of the "crash," of Flight 77, nothing could be seen except for a giant explosion. No visible aircraft could be seen, and the entire plane virtually vanished into smoke and pieces.

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barcelona press reports

17-03-2002 16:13

media monitoring project

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Barcelona update: people arrested on Friday to be released in the afternoon

17-03-2002 14:28

35 detainees will be released early in the afternoon. 62 people are still in custody.

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Complain to Corporate media

17-03-2002 13:07

Complain about coverage of Barcelona that you've seen - evry complaint helps

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Brian Paddock

17-03-2002 11:34

Establishment tries to destroy Brian Paddock

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Green Party militarism

17-03-2002 10:41

Response to Green Party spring conference (14-17 March) agenda and its acceptance of the arms trade and military action.

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Barcelona: 109 people arrested during protests against EU-Summit

17-03-2002 10:03

109 people have been arrested during the anti-EU protests that took place Friday 15th and Saturday 16th in Barcelona.

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17-03-2002 06:57

policia infiltrada acutando depues de la manifestación en colomb (bcn)

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17-03-2002 04:40

More than 600 participants representing dozens of countries around the world on March 4 and 5 took part here in the Second International Encounter in Solidarity and for Peace in Colombia and Latin America.