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the relentless drive towards microchipping

26-01-2002 23:06

In the US - if you don't happen to have your driver's license and registration documents with you, you can have your vehicle strip-searched to make sure you're not mistaken. Everybody can be careless, forgetful and the like.What a whole load of hassle you may encounter for not carrying your documentation. How much easier to carry all this information on a subcutaneous microchip, which can be scanned and which you carry with you always.

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Joint Attack by US-UK/Israel tomorrow night against Iraq: 17/01/02 -23:30 UWT

26-01-2002 22:42

Joint Attack by US-UK/Israel tomorrow night against Iraq: 17/01/02 -23:30 UWT. Fax interception from:
Der Deutsche Botschafter in Kabul, Rainer Eberle, AA Berlin

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15/01/02: Bush Medical Report: Bush has brain cancer!

26-01-2002 21:47

15/01/02: Bush Medical Report: Bush has brain cancer!
15/01/02: Bush Medical Report: Bush has brain cancer! The Vice President of the USA refuse to work with George W. Bush. Email intercepted.... Read tomorrow news now! (article 1)

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Video of Bayer Action - GM enemy number one

26-01-2002 21:04

Video of Bayer Action - GM enemy number one
Video of the action against Bayer in Newbury...

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British government support for death squads

26-01-2002 20:35

Could Jack Straw be indicted for aiding Colombian death squads?

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Enron suicide adds to Bush bodycount

26-01-2002 19:41

The 'suicide' of ex-Enron executive merely adds to the long list of deaths of people who may have proved to be a threat to Bush in one way or another

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26-01-2002 19:34

Actvists are anticipated to stage protests about corporations being granted further rights to sue after broader trade-negotiating authority were granted in the US. Meanwhile in the UK, Blair is busy supporting the richest local authority known as the City of London in its bid to give businesses the right to vote like people. This fast-track bill is seeking to destroy democracy in the East End.

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26-01-2002 19:25

Over two hundred people gathered outside the Israeli Embassy to protest against oppression and the continuing occupation. The protestors called for a free Palestine.

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Uganda Students Protest in style

26-01-2002 18:53

Uganda Students Protest in style
The day the Ugandan military machine was Buffeting, students and anti-capitalists mourned several students who were killed under the rule of Uganda Military dictatorship of Yoweri Museveni and the mismanagment of governance

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obituary of radical uk playwright

26-01-2002 18:14

john Mcgrath, the peoples playwright has died

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obituaries of two brilliant uk radicals (part one)

26-01-2002 17:54

why we should not forget our own

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Apres La Deluge ?

26-01-2002 15:12

Washout ? Rained off ? Splashing in puddles ? What happened to the proposed action in support of Palestine ?

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Can face-to-face assemblies run a modern industrial society ?

26-01-2002 14:51

A modern industrial society cannot be run by face-to-face assemblies
of ALL citizens. The only way ALL citizens can take part in deciding
policies is to have TV debates on policies, and voting by magnetic-crads.
These two technologies make possible a Direct Democracy where all
citizens have the right to vote directly on POLICIES rather than on delegates.

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Raise the fist

26-01-2002 13:27

Raise the fist
There is only one way to deal with scum such as WEF.
They are ready to put on sale their own mothers without
a pricetag. WEF fucks anything that can generate money.
Do you know what D.C stands for...

...Death Counsellor.

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Victory for Colombian occupation?

26-01-2002 11:57

News from Colombia Solidarity Campaign

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BFI workers on strike

26-01-2002 10:34

For the first time in 26 years, staff at the British Film Institute have gone on strike. Intransigent management has forced staff from the MSF union to take industrial action over pay.

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How they gonna get you

26-01-2002 01:38

Captured on video, put in the local press and readied for a long stretch.Best advice - stay at home and submit