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gulf war 1: the true horror

14-02-2003 10:34

moving account of Gulf war 1 by a squaddie who saw it all as a mobile despatch rider

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14-02-2003 10:18

Please help us stop this madness!!!

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Art information about culture and all internationals events.

14-02-2003 08:55

Cinema stage for autor and writer :topic music and cinema Rhemes Saint Georges Aosta city .Aosta Valley.
Association for the local essay and the international side topic "Sudtirol and Aosta Valley" Saint Cristophe Loc Chef-Lieu 14 february h.20.30.

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Changes in GP and health services

14-02-2003 08:49

MCDonald health care provisions in the NHS?

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14-02-2003 08:46

On Saturday 15 February up to a million people will gather in central London to demonstrate against the bloodthirsty cabal in whose name this war is being fought, and to insist that there can be no blood for arms and oil.

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Contact UN Countries NOW !

14-02-2003 08:09

For a list of countries to contact, AND to be able to IMMEDIATELY E-MAIL go

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US Bad Boys vs Latin America: Bush to Burn

14-02-2003 07:44

US addictions haunt and terrorize world: OIL,WEAPONS,DRUGS. US BAD-BOYS and friends in Latin America have held power for decades. Now they are being run out of town by Hugo Chavez, the people of Bolivia and New Ideas. Guns and Money aren’t enough anymore – Hope lives – Struggle Consumes!

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The Iraq is only the beginning

14-02-2003 07:09

If the american people would now what their administration is planning they really could be scared exceptionally so propagandized terror happens now will be only a kindergarten game.

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14-02-2003 05:19

repost & comments from LA INDY: I just spoke with France's UN office. They are BEGGING us to flood their offices and the other UN offices with emails to STOP the WAR. France needs to know that Americans are with them on this. PLEASE forward this to everyone you can. The UN email addresses are below for the Security Council.

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WORLD WIDE WAR III REPORT FROM TEXAS(please don't make acronym here)

14-02-2003 05:12

Government officials from virtualy every corner of the globe were joined by Iraq in refering to Bush as the "new Hitler" on a day when the dictator of the US addressed navy troops promising to make NATO insignificant in the arena of world military domination.

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Southwark and Lambeth Community Action Network

14-02-2003 04:12

Launch of Action Network

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March With Anita Roddick

14-02-2003 03:07

Anita Roddick has invited any and all to join her contingent for the London anti-war rally Saturday.

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Hungerstrike: Aftermath Gothenburg EU Summit

14-02-2003 03:01

Support hungerstriking political prisoner in Gothenburg/Sweden!
32 year old intern i serious condition after weeks of hungerstrike in the Skanninge prison, Sweden.

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Home Again - Microchip Identification System!

14-02-2003 00:11

A considerable number of people reject the thought of microchip implants. When asked if they could think of implanting their pets with microchips they seem to be
more or less confused. But microchips are on their way, soon to be implanted on human beings unless somebody stops them from entering this horrendous path. Some people have already been implanted with microchips. Accidentally I found
this rather interesting piece of information on the net and thought maybe folks would get second thoughts about this nazi-minded encroachment. Too efficient to be true?

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Students Sleep In Against War

13-02-2003 23:48

Students from SOAS, University of London, will take over part of their building on Friday night with blessing from university management and the head of the School as part of ongoing protests against the impending war on Iraq.

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Act for the peace

13-02-2003 23:45

If you do not want this war, if you think that your government would tilt
Rather for the conflict to the Security Council of the UNO, or the pacifism, would be tempted of
Change opinion, by giving in to the pressures,

Let know by writing, by faxing by mail, your peace wish beside
Of your elected members, and representing your state.

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Thought Crimes in Britain

13-02-2003 23:43

A report on a recent court appearance by human rights activists from Turkey who were arrested under the Terrorism Act

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Saw Indymedia banner flashed on CNN!

13-02-2003 23:27

Unbelibale but true CNN someone with the Indymedia logo on TV.

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Home Again - Microchip Identification System

13-02-2003 23:14

Permanent identification is provided by a tiny microchip that can be implanted quickly and safely in your dog. The microchip, approximately the size of a grain of rice, is encased in bio-compatible glass. It has no active parts. It is programmed with a unique, unalterable code number that can be identified with a hand-held scanner (similar to the hand-held scanners used in grocery stores).

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13-02-2003 21:55

Scotland's sham parliament was temporarily reclaimed today, when First Minister's Question Time was interrupted three times. Anarchists and allied anti-war protesters heckled their "representatives" over the Scottish Executive's disinterest in the wishes of the Scottish people - as exemplified by Labour's support of the war on Iraq.