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Confronting the War Machine in the Pacific Northwest

17-03-2007 14:49

On March 5th, 2007, several people were attacked and at least three arrested by police in Tacoma, WA. at a series of protests against shipments of military supplies at the city's port. The reasons for the attacks and arrests were not clear to onlookers, who told the press that the protesters were doing nothing but holding signs. In an exchange I had with Jeff Berryhill of Olympia, WA (who was arrested along with Wally Cudderford and Caitlin Esworthy), I was told that all he was doing when he was shot with a rubber bullet by the police was "holding a sign that read "Courage to" (Courage to Resist is an organization supporting military resisters.) The next thing he knew he was hit in the thigh by a police-fired projectile. All of this occurred in the predawn hours of March 5th, 2007. The reason for the unusual timing of the arrests is because even though the protest began the evening before, the actual loading of the equipment did not begin until after midnight.

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London G8 networking meeting, March 22nd

17-03-2007 13:49

London No Borders and SOAS Autonomous Students Society invite you to a
networking meeting to bring together
groups in London organising against the G8 summit which will take place
this June in Germany. This meeting intends to bring people together to discuss ideas
and plans and how we might be able to work together and share
information; both in terms of going to Germany and/or staying in London and
organising local events and actions.

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International Media Conference

17-03-2007 13:43

Major International Media Conference Coming To Windsor
Chomsky, Herman, Goodman, McChesney, Jhally, K'naan (& more) Among
Internationally Renowned Media Scholars and Journalists to Attend Event

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The Politics of Apathy: an Australian story

17-03-2007 12:41

While America leads the world in insularism and denial, Australia is the world leader in complacency and apathy. No cultural equivalent for the Oz expression, “she’ll be right, mate”, exists anywhere – notwithstanding the variation of “who gives a shit?” Today, non-involvement is proving to be a very costly cultural habit. America has become the world’s most hated nation and will soon attract very real consequences for its actions, one of which is the acquisition of Australia as a colonial trophy. Australia remains an international laughing stock under the servile leadership of lackey prime minister, John Howard; Aussies are experiencing their eleventh year under the rule of the most slavish, gutless, lying, duplicitous, cringing, government on record. No other leader in world history has displayed the servility and cowardice of John Howard. When America says jump, the despicable little coward, Howard, says how high, boss!

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Pre-emptive Peace Strike: “Don’t Attack Iran”

17-03-2007 12:34

Withdraw your labour, book a day off work, or take a break from your usual routine and show the government that you are opposed to any actions or steps that might be taken that threaten the sovereign nation of Iran.

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Photos - Protesters march in Manila against police and military brutalities

17-03-2007 12:00

A Filipino child holds a placard during a rally against police brutalities
A Filipino child holds a placard during a rally against alleged police and military brutalities in poor communities, Friday, March 16, 2007, at the Interior and Local Government office in Quezon city north of Manila, Philippines. The protesters were demanding the pullout of government troops who were deployed recently in metropolitan Manila universities and urban areas.

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Urgent! People Needed at Anti-Pipeline Tree Camp!

17-03-2007 11:16

Lots more people are URGENTLY needed at the protest camp near Brecon. Trees are now being felled in the area around the camp and eviction is expected within the next two weeks. We need people, it doesn't matter if you can't stay for long, we still want you!

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Khalid Sheikh Mohammed deconstructed

17-03-2007 10:54

Raw Story journalist Larisa Alexandrovna has noted a rather glaring problem with the KSM “confession”: he claims to have targeted the Plaza Bank in Washington state—however the bank was not founded until well after KSM was supposedly captured and interned at Camp Gitmo. “I think we can say for quite certain that whomever is being held as KSM was either caught recently or that his entire confession is a fraud,” concludes Alexandrovna.

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Is China Africa's New Imperialist Power?

17-03-2007 10:26


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The New American Imperialism in Africa

17-03-2007 10:08



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Anti-nuclear protest in Brussels Friday

17-03-2007 08:26

An alliance of anti-nuclear activists will demonstrate in Brussels next Friday to demand an end to European nuclear cooperation under the EURATOM treaty. Participation is desired.

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Help save Meadowbank stadium in Edinburgh

17-03-2007 07:55

The council wants to sell off the easily accessible Meadowbank stadium to get some money to build a stadium in far less accessible Sighthill.

Public meeting 3pm Saturday 17/3/07

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Open Letter to Amnesty International

17-03-2007 07:52

Apart from writing terrific looking reports, and with the exception of bringing much sought after relief in few individual cases, what level of global impact has Amnesty International had over the years? Its own ongoing reports on Israel-Palestine are of exactly zero impact, as empirically evident by the continual reality of new faits accomplis being daily constructed on the ground! In Project Humanbeingsfirst's view, this is entirely because the battles are often being fought at the "low order bits of the issues", when "the higher order bits" entirely determine where "the page faults" (in computer science geek-speak). This deplorable failing in our view, can easily be remedied by addressing the issues at the right levels of abstraction.

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Use of human shields by Israel (by Latuff)

17-03-2007 04:06

Palestinian civilians used as human shields by Israel
Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff, on behalf of the brave Palestinian people and their struggle against U.S. backed Israeli state terror.

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Divide and . . . divide: Is this colonialism in its final throes?

16-03-2007 23:07

The sectarian difference between the Sunnis and Shiites in Iraq has been mythologized by American and British propaganda since well before the invasion, and many impressionable Americans now believe sincerely that their forces have become embroiled in a sectarian war that has been going on for centuries.

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Week of Iceland Actions in the Low Countries

16-03-2007 22:47

Icelandic Embassy in Belgium
This week has seen a number of actions in solidarity with the Icelandic movement in Belgium and the Netherlands.

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Trident about as useful as a fish on a bicycle

16-03-2007 22:46

A fish on a bicyle in London
A fish and a photographic comment on trident

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Global Warming: A Convenient Lie

16-03-2007 22:09

It seems worrisome that politicians are all too eager to grab onto this man-made myth of global warming in order to make us afraid and guilty. Guilty enough to want to change it, and afraid enough to give up our freedoms and undergo massive financial expenses in order to do so. So this lie, being pushed by big money and big governments, is a convenient lie for those who want to exert control and collect money. However, it’s inconvenient for the mass amount of people who are already experiencing the problems of a widening wage-gap and fading middle class.

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Khalid Sheikh Mohammed: “Confession” or Bush administration propaganda?

16-03-2007 21:37

Rather than put to rest all doubts about 9/11, the KSM “confession” refocuses all inquiries back on the Bush administration’s role behind the 9/11-Al-Qaeda-“terrorism” military-intelligence propaganda operation, and the manufacturing of the KSM legend.

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Humiliation and Child Abuse at Israeli Checkpoints: Strip-Searching Children

16-03-2007 20:33

Zionists are becoming desperate, because the web has allowed people to see past the carefull-crafted, but ulimtately one-directional media veil which has kept these realities from the public for decades.