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People's Golfing Association

03-07-2005 12:50

Getting ready for golf
Another (smaller) picture from the PGA. Note that the golf tournament is ON! Please see the agenda at HoriZone for People's Golf Association workshops!

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The Clown Army and its Entourage Extravaganza

03-07-2005 12:46

The Clown Army's governmental photographer
The Clown Army has acquired such fame that it draws a number of groupies:
Geoff, the Black Bitches and The Full Monty line dancing group

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UPDATE: People's Golfing Association (PGA) Tournament July 6th @ Gleneagles

03-07-2005 12:37

PGA ready for golf!
The PGA golf tournament for July 7th at Gleneagles golf course is on! Info sessions and practice PGA workshops are now being held at the Stirling HoriZone camp. More information about the event itself will be released soon. But for now, the event is on, come to a workshop to find out more!

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03-07-2005 12:20

Reactor one at Oldbury nuclear power station has been closed for over a year because of serious concern's by safety experts. It has just been restarted despite calls by the Green party that it should have remained closed.

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Rhythms of Resistance: Their biggest fan

03-07-2005 10:50

Patrick up front
Rhythms of Resistance have found their own govenmental tour photographer.

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Britain taught Uzbek killers "marksmanship" two months before Andijan massacre

03-07-2005 10:45

British military advisers trained Uzbek troops in "marksmanship" shortly before a massacre in which hundreds of people were killed. The training was part of a larger programme funded by Britain despite concerns expressed by the Foreign Office at the time over the Uzbekistan government's human rights record.

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UK-based airline running guns to Congo killers - Amnesty calls for inquiry

03-07-2005 10:41

REBEL groups terrorising civilians in eastern Congo, where a devastating war marked by widespread atrocities has killed nearly 4m people, are doing so with weapons and ammunition flown to Africa by a British-based airline.

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03-07-2005 10:37

Three forces are in collision in the fight to make poverty history--Live 8, the protest movements and the G8. The differences are dramatic says's News Dissector Danny Schechter

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Unidentifiable Police arrest protestor outside Forest Cafe

03-07-2005 09:32

When uniformed police moved in to close down an impromptu street party outside the Forest Cafe (which had a late license until 5am), a protestor was arrested by cops with all id removed and taken in an unnumbered van to an undisclosed location.

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London LBGT Pride Celebration

03-07-2005 09:08


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Anti-Mugabe on the march

03-07-2005 08:51

The MPH march with the noisy and colourful anti-Mugabe section

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MPH photographs

03-07-2005 08:48

200,000 march
200,000 people yesterday took a stroll round Edinburgh...

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Edinburgh Street Parties

03-07-2005 08:30

Infernal Noise Brigade
As the MPH march ended the partying began.

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Break Poverty!

03-07-2005 08:17

Getting some air....
Break Poverty Breakdancers in Bristo square

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Monster of the moment

03-07-2005 05:57

Zimbabwe is being hypocritically vilified by the west for forced slum clearances that are routine throughout the developing world.

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03-07-2005 01:36

Walden Bello explains the basics of trade unfairness to waiting journos.
It was massive at least 200,000

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5,000 'allowed' to march on Gleneagles

03-07-2005 00:57

According to an article in the TImes Online, police have now given their permission for a limited march to take place at Gleneagles during the G8 summit....

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Confrontation between anarchist bloc and cops.

03-07-2005 00:56

Today there was a minor ruck between the anarchist bloc and local plods who seemed to be taking their orders from MET Police.

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Police Confirm Section 60 throughout Edinburgh City Centre

02-07-2005 22:31

PC Skidmore at Edinburgh Police Headquarters confirmed to Indymedia at 16.53 this afternoon that a Section 60 had been declared throughout Edinburgh City Centre, along the entire route of the Make Poverty History March and the Meadows, site of the Live8 Concert.

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Global media interest in blockade of G8 protesters in Edinburgh

02-07-2005 22:27

The world's media was watching as hundreds of riot and uniformed police surrounded a group of Make Poverty History marchers who had the temerity to leave the official route.