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Police Confirm Section 60 throughout Edinburgh City Centre

Caroline | 02.07.2005 22:31 | G8 2005 | World

PC Skidmore at Edinburgh Police Headquarters confirmed to Indymedia at 16.53 this afternoon that a Section 60 had been declared throughout Edinburgh City Centre, along the entire route of the Make Poverty History March and the Meadows, site of the Live8 Concert.

This is believed to be in response to the small group of protesters who had left the main route of the march and were consequently blockaded by hundreds of police - many provocatively attired in full riot gear, shields and all - in Buccleugh Place for hours.

Although these protesters had done nothing illegal, many of them chose to keep their faces hidden. Police were reluctant to let them leave before having been individually photographed by the Met Police Forward Information Team, and the S60 gave police the power to arrest those who refused to reveal their identities. Two people are believed to have been arrested.

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