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Planning the European Social Forum

12-03-2002 00:17

Summary of the first European meeting for the European Social Forum.

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Israel conducts polls on ethnic cleansing

12-03-2002 00:04

Israel creeps toward becoming the Nazi state that many of its critics alledge as it conducts polls to see how many favour "cleansing" the country of Palestinians.

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find the Boeing contest

12-03-2002 00:01

examine the photos - can you find the Boeing?

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Italian with 2 fingers raised hidden

11-03-2002 23:54

Interesting what the collective find worthy of hiding.I'll just offer half of a posting made approx 24 hours ago of Signor Berlusconi (and others then) doing his hand thing and see if it disappears

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Report from the demo against the PHN in Barcelona

11-03-2002 23:26

More than 200,000 people gathered on the streets of Barcelona yesterday to protest against the National
Hydrological Plan.

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Free Speech Under Attack again

11-03-2002 23:13

The Copyright Arbitration Royalty Panel (CARP) in the USA is
recommending new laws which would charge webcasters ridiculous fees (2X
as much as terrestial broadcasters)

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modern arms

11-03-2002 20:57

modern arms in the war against behavior deviant from the system

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Parents vow to fight nursery closures

11-03-2002 20:41

Parents at St Johns nursery, which is threatened with closure, met on Monday and decided to campaign to keep it open. Thy want a joint campign with other threatened nurseries. They plan street stalls, a march, a lobby of councillors and other direct action.

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British Government Appeals To Georgia Authorities To Stop Tuesday Execution

11-03-2002 20:05

British Government Appeals To Georgia Authorities To Stop Tuesday Execution
British Government Appeals To Georgia Authorities To Stop Tuesday Execution

Request that British National’s Sentence be Commuted to Life

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Kuwait Calls for release of 600 P.O.W.s

11-03-2002 19:04

Report copied and pasted from Kuwait News Agency site

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Zimbabwe: new website of socialist opposition

11-03-2002 17:57

The International Socialist Organisation of Zimbabwe, revolutionary socialist opponents of the Mugabe regime, have just been able to launch a website. Well worth a look for a new perspective on events there. Link:

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Movement Against Genetic Engineering Passes a Milestone

11-03-2002 17:33

This is a general overview of the town to town campaign against genetic engineering. It focuses on the campaign's goals, the vestigial direct democracy of town meeting, obstacles to fully realizing direct democracy, and campaign strategy.

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Why Organize A Town Meeting Campaign On Genetic Engineering?

11-03-2002 16:53

This piece explores the exciting prospects of using a town meeting campaign to realize the directly democratic potential of the town meeting. The piece is immediately relevant to activists in Vermont who are currently working on such a campaign against genetic engineering, but it may also be useful to people in other parts of New England who have town meetings and people all over the world who have no town meeting in their community.

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Pilot thought alive, held in Irag

11-03-2002 15:58

What an amazing coincidence of timing, eh?

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Bush Speech, six months (& 3,700 dead Afghan civilians) later

11-03-2002 15:57

Bush Speech, six months (& 3,700 dead Afghan civilians) later
Same old jingoistic crap from Warmonger Dubya

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We mislead?

11-03-2002 14:54

A man in Amsterdam has taken the most prestigious business building hostage, and is forcing people to letter the windows with the words WE MISLEAD. Media coverage claims that the man is frustrated over the impact of widescreen tv on his film enjoyment - black bars.

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We Mislead / Amsterdam protest

11-03-2002 13:26

A gunman has burst into a Amsterdam office building
and is holding hostages, say Dutch police.

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Korea: latest update on power workers strike

11-03-2002 13:18

Latest bulletin from Korean Confederation of Trade Unions on the power workers strike:

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Police protest

11-03-2002 12:52

Police demo press release

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Layoff watch

11-03-2002 11:25

In february, we recorded 64 layoffs announcements from the largest corporations, resulting in 98806 job cuts. The complete list, with links to company profiles and press releases, can be found here: