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Day of disobedience to stop coming war with Iraq

10-12-2002 15:00

Meet Oxford Circus, Oxford Street, London on Saturday the 21st of December from midday onwards for a day of disobedience aimed at stopping the coming war with Iraq.

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Scott Ritter on US / Iraq: Dec. 3, 2002 (MP3 and streaming audio)

10-12-2002 14:51

Scott Ritter speech: Broadband and lowband mp3 files for download and streaming; 2 hours.

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ISRAEL: More refuseniks in prison

10-12-2002 14:47

ISRAEL: More refuseniks in prison
On 10 December - International Human Rights Day - more than 10 conscientious objectors are in prison in Israel.

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Hollywood: no Palestinians allowed (by Latuff)

10-12-2002 14:36

Hollywood: no Palestinians allowed (by Latuff)
...for the Academy, it’s probable that Palestinian films simply cannot be submitted, denying in a way, their right to exist. Sound familiar?

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Protests in Berlin against visit of Israeli delegation.

10-12-2002 14:09

Report and analysis of the events of monday night.

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BREAKING NEWS: Venezuelan People Surround TV Stations

10-12-2002 12:53

December 10, 2002, 2 a.m. ET
Please Distribute Widely


Dear Colleagues,

Alex Main reports from Caracas that masses of Venezuelans have peacefully surrounded all the commercial TV stations in the country to protest the dishonest simulating efforts by these media giants to provoke a coup d'etat:

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The Fight for Iran's Democratic Ideals

10-12-2002 12:42

Over the weekend thousands of Iranian students continued their protests to demand political reform. Their voices were raised in support of Hashem Aghajari, the college professor who has been sentenced to death for blasphemy. But the student movement is broader than dissent over one injustice

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British warriors denounce war!

10-12-2002 11:59

British warriors denounce war!
Monty & Co denounce war on Iraq

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Protests in Berlin against visit of Israeli delegation.

10-12-2002 11:47

A description of the events of monday night and an analysis of their reasons.

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Saudi opposition gets radio voice

10-12-2002 11:45

A rare dissenting voice in the Arab world launched last week in the form of a radio station operated by Saudi opposition groups.

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Afghans and the Guardian

10-12-2002 11:26

Matthew Leeming says that right-on liberal commentators were quite wrong about the war against the Taleban

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Bush seeks UN support for 'US does whatever it wants' plan

10-12-2002 10:12

from the Onion:

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£2bn Return of Road Building

10-12-2002 09:38

The government has today announced what Transport 2000 calls "a serious return to big road building".

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The Bristolain - Blair Flat Lies Special!

10-12-2002 09:09

Bristolain Special - Cherie/Bristolgate Special! HERE ARE THE SHOCKING FACTS YOU WILL READ NOWHERE ELSE!

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Tiziano Terzani Censored from Anglo Saxon World

10-12-2002 08:17

"Letters against the war" by Tiziano Terzani was "censored" in the Anglo-Saxon world.

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9-11:feds withhold crucial wtc evidence

10-12-2002 07:01

by chris bollyn

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Prague IMC interviews Chumbawumba!

10-12-2002 06:51

Exclusive IMC Praha Interview with Alice from Chumbawumba!

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us takes sole copy of iraqi weapons dossier

10-12-2002 05:19

says its ust going to make some copies....

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National Coalition Gives Full Backing To USAF Fairford Demo: Sat 14th Dec

10-12-2002 04:16

A little late in the day, but the Fairford Demo now has the full backing of the National Coalition. NVDA (non-violent direct action) is welcome & recognised at this Demo as a legitimate method of Demonstration. We only ask that individuals take full responsibility for their own actions, & arrange their own legal defence if required.

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What Really Happens at

10-12-2002 03:12

For a website dedicated to exposing hidden truths, there is a suspicious lack of information about those who support the enterprise.