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Barack Obama in Berlin: "Send more troops!"

06-08-2008 15:07

The flow of people from the Brandenburg Gate to the Victory Column in the heart of Berlin seemed truly endless. On 24 July, up to 200,000 people came to Berlin's central park, the Tiergarten, to hear a speech by U.S. presidential candidate Barack Obama. As with the "fan mile" for the European Cup, which had been in the same place on month earlier, there were jumbotrons alongside the countless beer and sausage stands.

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Climate Camp- Protest ignores Police Stop & Search

06-08-2008 14:43

VisionOnTv is reporting events from inside the Climate camp 2008

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Media getting trouble from Police at Climate Camp

06-08-2008 14:20

VisionOnTV STUDIO with Police above.
Police out of control with £5m budget to stop protest.

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Palestine Today 080608

06-08-2008 13:13

Welcome to Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Centre,, for Wednesday August 6th, 2008.

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Climate camp: BBC buys into police propaganda

06-08-2008 13:11

A BBC reporter buys into police propaganda and fails to report campers' side of an issue

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Does Channel 4 News fabricate stories for the MDC?

06-08-2008 12:32

Channel 4 News on 5 August 2008 produced the most obvious evidence that it uses dishonest PR tactics to support regime change in Zimbabwe. We are supposed to believe that a reporter for the Western media would travel into the Zimbabwean countryside with a self-confessed Zanu-PF thug to meet other Zanu-PF thugs!

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Israel Continues to Exploit Gaza Resources

06-08-2008 11:44

Many are unaware that in addition to the hearing on Israel’s supply of gas/electricity to the Gaza Strip, HCJ 9132/07 Jaber Albasyouni Ahmed and others v The Government of Israel[1] , the Israeli High Court of Justice (HCJ) also heard a petition dealing with the supply of energy in the opposite direction – from the Gaza Strip to Israel

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Reburials At Tara and Update on Ongoing Campaigns

06-08-2008 11:40

Tara Image

Numerous independent cultural and artistic groups are now carrying a
petition for the reburials of bones dug up in the Collierstown and Ardsallagh
sites during the ongoing routing of the Gabhra Valley in order to build
a road: The M3 .
and increased Petrol Dependency : A Green Coalition Government.

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Ndeh Family Must Stay! Solidarity Gathering

06-08-2008 11:37

Claude,Majolie N'Deh, Gael,Jason Cyril
Saturday 9th August 2008
11:00am - 1:00pm
Sheffield Peace Gardens

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Tuesday at climate camp.

06-08-2008 11:33

How many tons of carbon?
Some snaps and a short report from tuesday at Climate Camp.

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Israel takes survivors of Holocaust for granted

06-08-2008 10:57

In relation to the the governmental investigative commission in the matter of assistance to Holocaust survivors, the Dorner Commission concluded that the allocations given to the survivors must be linked to 75% of the allowance paid by Germany to Israel for each survivor. however, the Israeli government has decided to postpone discussion of these recommendations to 2009 means delaying implementation by one year, which means disinheriting thousands more survivors from what they deserve, as time acts to the detriment of the survivors, almost all of whom have reached an advanced age.

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West Midlands at Camp for Climate Action

06-08-2008 10:56

Come and join the West Mids neighbourhood at the camp.
The week of actions, debate and workshops around climate change and grassroots sustainability is now up and running. The camp has been set up near Kingsnorth power station, in response to the new generation of coal fired power stations that will create further environmental chaos.

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Climate Camp: Pics of Police Confiscating Bikes from Car Park

06-08-2008 10:40

Police cutting locks off bike
Screen grabs from the video showing police cutting locks off bicycles next to the Climate Camp and confiscating them.

Video and report at:

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Fitwatching at Climate Camp

06-08-2008 10:40

PL957 KF142
Along with the vast numbers of ordinary plod stinking up the Hoo peninsula, there are of course plenty of FIT units harassing locals, protesters and anyone they don't like the look of.

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British Students Arrested in Beijing for Free Tibet Banner Drops.

06-08-2008 10:37

Two Britons have been detained in Beijing after a protest about Tibet.

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'Some ready to surrender - we won’t' - SPIKE

06-08-2008 09:03

Monday Love 7
Monday 11th Aug 2008 @ The Good Ship

Monday Love has come to Spike’s aid to raise the awareness of the threat to the place.


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McCarthy-style Purges in a South African university?

06-08-2008 08:45

Centre for Civil Society
On 30 July, the staff of the Centre for Civil Society (CCS) at Durban's University of KwaZulu Natal, were told that as of 31 December 2008, CCS would be permanently closed. As the following article suggests, reasons for this are shoddy at best, and clearly point to this being a political decision on the part of the University to snuff out its left brain.

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1968 … What was IT?

06-08-2008 07:29

Well, we’ve been promising this since the anniversary but here’s some coverage of the Paris ‘68 uprising featured in the sadly long-gone anarchist newspaper International Times.

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Psyops, terror and policing of the climate camp

06-08-2008 02:50

Police mounted an outrageous terror attack on the camp in the early hours of Wednesday 6th, sounding sirens, circling their helicopter over the site, cutting the flood lighting, then deploying van loads of tooled-up riot cops at the gates in the darkness and getting them to number off and yell 'get up, get up' into the camp....