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Climate camp: BBC buys into police propaganda

Onlyme | 06.08.2008 13:11 | Climate Camp 2008 | Other Press | Repression | London

A BBC reporter buys into police propaganda and fails to report campers' side of an issue

From Read paragraph 2 closely:

"Officers in stab vests and purple latex gloves question and search all visitors. Other police dressed in black coveralls search roadside ditches. Overhead, a police helicopter hovers.

"The sense of paranoia is compounded by the knowledge that on the previous day there had been violent protests on the site - a sheep field about two miles from the power station - which ended in nine arrests.

"That morning police announced that they had found a stash of weapons - including a knife and a "throwing star" in nearby woods - protesters deny involvement."

Please follow BBC complaints process over the said "violent protests" in reference to police being pushed back when they unlawfully invaded the site at 5am. You could also complain that the report is tardy in failing to report the seizure over 12 hours previously of bicycles and destruction of bike locks where police had told protesters to leave them.

Please note also that the BBC complaints process was recently revised to have shorter timescales, of only a few weeks, to elevate the complaint further if you get fobbed off at each stage.



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