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Psyops, terror and policing of the climate camp

camper | 06.08.2008 02:50 | Climate Camp 2008 | Climate Chaos | Repression | Terror War | London | South Coast

Police mounted an outrageous terror attack on the camp in the early hours of Wednesday 6th, sounding sirens, circling their helicopter over the site, cutting the flood lighting, then deploying van loads of tooled-up riot cops at the gates in the darkness and getting them to number off and yell 'get up, get up' into the camp....

2:57 police waking the camp
lots of confusion
police copter over camp
people gathering at front gate
copter flying around camp
3:04 helicopter now left
no incursion
just annoying us? keeping us jumpy?
3:07 helicopter can still be heard in distance coming back to camp
3:08 back over camp now
3:09 police lighting towers just went off
sirens again
kicking off!
screams at gate
3:11 not sure whats happening
barricade being formed
helicopter still circling
riot cops numbering off at gate
3:18 all riots cops now got back into their vans at main gate and driven off
just a few cops still at gate
calmed down, although a good chunk of the site is now awake

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And again...

06.08.2008 04:19

Around 5am the police made a push to break into the site at the rear gate. Several hundred people awoke to the alarm and rushed to defend the gate.

scum of the earth

Tried and tested techniques.

06.08.2008 13:04

These techniques were tried out in Ireland first of all. The black psy ops, or psychological warfare, used to disorientate those who opposed the UK government. The methods have been refined since but have been used in Iraq and elsewhere. There is an argument for this all constituting torture under the Human Rights Act (Inhuman and Degrading Treatment).

The decision to use these methods cannot have been taken by the local Plod. My view is that this would have to be approved at a higher body than Plod, MI5, SIS, perhaps?

What it demonstrates is that the UK government and its agencies are now willing to use Gestapo tactics against people going about lawful business but whose views they see as presenting a risk to the state. Fascism in the UK 2008.

Jolly Roger

Use of police helicopters

06.08.2008 13:44

I saw this in the distance when I arrived home from work this morning. I live not far from here (I can see the Kingsnorth chimney from my bedroom window - on tip toes). I got back home at bang on 3 this morning and could see the helicopter buzzing around in the distance.
I wonder where they are operating that chopper from? Does that airfield have a licence to operate during the night? Even if it has special dispensation for police helicopters I would imagine they would expect it to be used to catch criminals etc and not to intimidate peaceful protesters.



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