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The politics of the UN tragedy

02-09-2003 13:31

In a word the new international organization and its secretary-general must not be an appendage of Washington - if it wishes to avoid the tragedy of the UN - a body which started with great ideals and ended as a cynical manipulator of ideals in the services of imperial power.

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DSEi Arms Fair Blockade

02-09-2003 13:27

tripods blocked on access roads
Yesterday, 1st September, contractors and exhibitors started to arrive at the largest arms fair in the world. Peace campaigners were waiting for them.

Access was blocked for six hours.

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THE DESPERATION OF TONY BLAIR: When All Else Fails, Claim the Sky is Falling!

02-09-2003 13:00

Last week as Blair was being forced to admit his involvement in the outing of David Kelly, the UK was treated to the "Great Blackout." This week, the day after Kelly's widow gives her heartbreaking testimony, the UK is threatened by "DANGEROUS ASTEROIDS"! Can't wait to see what's next!

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Lyme disease

02-09-2003 11:45

(4 health newswire)

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DSEi Blockade Photos

02-09-2003 11:28

Tripods blocked one access to DSEI
Yesterday, 1st September, contractors and exibitors started to arrive at the largest arms fair in the world. Peace campaigners were waiting for them.

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End the Occupation of Iraq National Demonstration

02-09-2003 11:22

September 27th is the national demonstration calling for the end to the occupation of Iraq and for Tony Blair's resignation. It's been organised by the Stop the War Coalition, M.A.B. and C.N.D.
In other words, come to London for TB's leaving party.
Buses are booked to leave from various points across Scotland.
Glasgow buses leave George Square at midnight Fri.
Contact: 0781 788 8438 or for further info and to reserve tickets.

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Washington Post: U.S. battlefield casualties in Iraq are increasing (by Latuff)

02-09-2003 11:01

Article by The Washington Post. Copyright-free artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff.

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lets make love to mother earth

02-09-2003 10:51

lets make love to mother earth

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02-09-2003 10:49

Dedicated to Susanne Kempe and Alexander Fitch of Aberystwyth, supporters of genocide. We know where you live.

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Mobilising for the European Social Forum

02-09-2003 10:04

On Sunday 31st August the UK
Mobilisation for the European
Social Forum(ESF) met to discuss and coordinate actions to
motivate as many UK activists as possible to go to Paris in November
for the second ESF.

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EU Software Patent Plans Shelved Amid Massive Demonstrations

02-09-2003 09:39

On Aug 28th, the European Parliament postponed its vote on the proposed EU Software Patent Directive. The day before, approximately 500 persons had gathered for a rally beside the Parliament in Brussels, accompanied by an online demonstration involving more than 2000 websites. The events in and near the Parliament were reported extensively covered in the media, including tv and radio, all over Europe and beyond. Within a few days, the petition calling the European Parliament to reject software patentability accumulated 50,000 new signatures.

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Should we have the war criminals back on our streets?

02-09-2003 03:10

NOt unless there are prepared to overthrow the regime here!

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02-09-2003 02:38

It's been 40 long years since the much-heralded "March on Washington." Almost 1/2 a century -- and what is our condition today?

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02-09-2003 01:38

Nobel Laureate Aung San Suu Kyi of Burma is on hunger strike; she has been in the cruel prisons of the Burmese military since May 30, 2003. All the evil generals in Burma, the brutes are attacking her and as we know well that she got a few stitches in her head hit and beaten by the hired thugs of a Burmese general. Please let us unite to save her or get her out of the danger zone; I believe that was what Dr.Michael Aris, the Englishman husband of Daw Suu Kyi would say in this battle of good and evil in a midnight of the blemished and broken Burmese soul.

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A Power But Not Super: The USA

02-09-2003 00:56

US As Third Rate Country

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02-09-2003 00:20

Camden Stop the War
BERKSHIRE HOUSE, 168-173 HIGH HOLBORN (next to Oasis Sports Centre at corner with Endell St WC1).

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Police stop and search people near Excel (where DSEi is to be held)

02-09-2003 00:01

Cops have stopped and searched people under the Terrorism Act 2000 near to Excel where DSEi istaking place.

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al-jazeera website relaunches - but for how long???

01-09-2003 23:10

The Arab satellite station Al-Jazeera launched an English-language Web site yesterday, five months after hackers brought down a temporary site at the height of the Iraq war but how long will it stay up for?

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DSEi Media roundup mon 1st sept

01-09-2003 22:58

The action today (lockons and tripods obstructing arrival of tanks etc) got 2.5mins on ITN local london news. There have been a couple of articles, finaly triggered by MET police press work warning of possible violence and disruption (why oh why do the corporate media have to wait for the bloody police to warn of a protest like this before they print an article??) - see earlier bbc and independent articles. Also guardian on cluster bombs - but not even mentioning the protests!