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Cameron's Cotswolds Hunt - BBC Undercover

21-03-2008 19:08

Police are probing David Cameron's favourite fox hunt amid claims it was exposed illegally hunting foxes by an undercover BBC team, on tonight's Inside Out, 7:30pm, BBC 1. They are also looking into allegations of assaults.

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21-03-2008 19:06


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March 29 London union and community conference against immigration controls

21-03-2008 18:51

A national gathering of trade union and community activists called by Finsbury Park RMT and others, in the light of new legislation against illegal working and other ongoing attacks on migrant workers and refugees.

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Dissident Island Radio - Ressurection Special tinght!

21-03-2008 18:05

Tonight's show features: Reclaim Your Food (Brixton), Manchester No Borders, SmashEDO, the London Climate Action Group, a new play and some kickin' tunes from Lomax & Lung Collapser.

So make sure you tune in for our 'Resurrection Special'.

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This Week In Palestine – Week 12 2008

21-03-2008 18:03

This Week In Palestine, a service of the International Middle East Media Center,, for March 15th through to March 21st, 2008.

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Iraq Cambridge Rail Station Vigil, March 20th.

21-03-2008 16:02

A Timely Reminder...
Yesterday evening from 6:00pm onwards, a small but significant group of local activists turned up at Cambridge Railway Station to remind the public that it was exactly five years to the day that Shock and Awe heralded the start of one of
possibly the bloodiest and longest running Middle Eastern conflict of recent times, so Iraq, aka Gulf War mark 2.

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Tara in Ireland calls for urgent solidarity

21-03-2008 15:44

One World
Whatever you dream you can do begin it.
Boldness has genius, power & magic in it.
Begin it now.

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Vigil at Fatal Accident Inquiry in Glasgow

21-03-2008 15:28

50 people held a vigil at Glasgow Sheriff Court on Monday 17th March, at the start of the Fatal Accident Inquiry into the death of Graham Meldrum. Graham was killed at work at Allied Bakeries in Glasgow in July 2005. The Graham Meldrum Memorial Campaign and Families Against Corporate Killers organised the vigil for Graham and all workers killed for profit. "Don't let employers get away with murder!" they urge.

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NCADC North West News & Events Listing

21-03-2008 15:09

1. News in the North West
2. North West Events Listing
3. Regular Events in the North West Region

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Meatout in UK, Uganda, France, Argentina, China, India, Australia, Austria,Niger

21-03-2008 14:16

Former basketball star Bill Walton
Meatout events this year in Argentina| Australia| Bermuda| Canada| Chile| China| Croatia| France| Germany| Ghana| India| Indonesia| Ireland| Israel| Italy| Japan| Kenya| Mexico| Nigeria|
Norway |Philippines| Singapore| South Africa| Spain| The Netherlands| Uganda| UK| USA

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Guardian: Was the Iraq War Imperialist?

21-03-2008 13:06

The following comment piece was published today on the Guardian's Comment is Free website here:

Some Indymedia readers might find it interesting.

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Around the Campaigns Friday 21st March 2008

21-03-2008 12:21

In Memory Zarine Rentia
In Memory Zarine Rentia

"Sadly I have to let you know that Tasnim contacted me to say that Zarine Rentia died Wednesday morning in India and was buried in the evening.

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ASS Benefit & More 11th -13th April

21-03-2008 11:58

1st flyer front
ASS benefit
Open access squatters-housing-land art - photography exhibition
Workshops & stalls

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"Democratic Imperialism": Tibet, China, and the National Endowment for Democracy

21-03-2008 11:57

While in recent years far more information has been made available concerning the CIA’s violent linkages with Tibetan forces, to date only one article has examined the connection between Tibet’s current independence campaigners and an organization that maintains close ties with the CIA, the National Endowment for Democracy (NED).

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Fossil Fools Warm-Up Evening

21-03-2008 11:47

Fossil Fools Day Warm-Up
Friday 28th March 7:30 till 12
Benefit for London Rising Tide

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Autonomous action/Space Invaders Line Up

21-03-2008 10:59

space invader
Timeline of events in the next few weeks as part of the international autonomous days of action on decentralised places...get involved. Reclaim your city....

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Scientology Shuts Down Alternative News Site RINF

21-03-2008 04:27

Sorry if this is a repeat post, newswire is having trouble confirming post.


Scientology orders shut down of alternative news web site. Web hosting company complies without warning.

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KFC subvertised

21-03-2008 02:00

KFC subvertised in the south west

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Pics from Iraq 5th anniversary protests in London

20-03-2008 23:56

Bliar nicked at last
Small protest opposite Downing Street on Thursday 20 March 2008, marking the fifth anniversary of the US- and UK-led invasion of Iraq, and calling for the immediate withdrawal of UK troops and a full public inquiry into the war. The protest was called by Stop the War, CND and the British Muslim Initiative.

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Aldermaston bike ride on March 22-24, 2008

20-03-2008 22:30

Bikes not bombs are planning a bike ride from London to Aldermaston Atomic Weapons Establishment

The bike ride is expected to take 3 days (22nd March - 24th March 2008)