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KFC subvertised

A.L.F. | 21.03.2008 02:00 | Animal Liberation

KFC subvertised in the south west

Over a month ago the Animal Liberation Front subvertised a KFC advertisement that was attached to a phone box in the high street. We were pleased to see very recently that the subvertised message is still being promoted.

The action was a warm up to help practice our movements in darkness and in the streets to perform direct action for animal liberation. The photo was taken as a reminder for all activists that simple actions can make a substantial difference.

Our inspiration was taken from the constant sabotages in the UK and Mexico of KFC and McDonalds that continue to profit from the torture and murder of non-humyn animals.

Until all are free - A.L.F.



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  1. Nice protest — KFVegan
  2. Wheres the subliminal? — anacarlo