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New alternative media & news platform in Southampton

11-12-2009 19:32

The Dolphin’s Blowhole, Southampton’s new alternative media platform for residents, students and activists, has now been launched!

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Aberdeen Students protest against cuts,privatisation & increasing tuition fees

11-12-2009 18:54

Aberdeen students today protested against the imminent education cuts under the Aberdeen Defend Education Campaign (ADEC) banner today. The protest was directed at the increasement and possible re-introduction of tuition fees, possible privatisation and outsourcing of university services and public sector cuts to education in general.

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Evctions=Riots in Torino

11-12-2009 18:25

Update on recent events in Turin:

1. Evictions = Riots
2. Demonstration 19th December 2009, Turin, Italy

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Ntarh Pascal Ntarh Belongs to Glasgow

11-12-2009 17:30

Ntarh Pascal Ntarh a national of Cameroon and resident of Glasgow, is currently in detention and due to be forcibly removed from the UK on Sunday 13th December @ 19:00 on Kenya Airways flight KQ101.

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Who runs Manchester?

11-12-2009 17:08

Q. What do the Sir Richard Leese and Wayne Rooney have in common?

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How To Radicalise Muslim Prisoners

11-12-2009 16:54

I want to highlight an incident that has seriously affected my situation in prison. Firstly, allow me to put what happened into context. I am serving a ten year sentence. Since my conviction I have been exemplary in my behaviour and incurred no disciplinary reports or adverse intelligence reports prior to the incident I am about to describe. I am of Pakistan origin, although until relatively recently had not experienced any discriminatory treatment in prison or ill-treatment at the hands of other prisoners.

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Protest against Tzipi Livni: London Sunday 13/12

11-12-2009 16:23

"there is no humanitarian crisis in the Strip"

The Venue for the Jewish National Fund (JNF) Conference, featuring Israeli Kadima party leader Tzipi Livni, has been revealed as the Hendon Hall Hotel in North West London

The International Solidarity Movement London is one of the collection of Palestine solidarity groups that called for the demonstration against Tzipi Livni and the JNF conference this Sunday. Timed almost a year to the day since Israel began “Operation Cast Lead”, the brutal massacre which left 1417 Palestinians dead and the besieged Gaza Strip in ruins, this event is a disgrace.

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No Peace, No Palestine

11-12-2009 15:56

An estimated 10,000 protestors in Jerusalem on Thursday demonstrated the strength of opposition to any settlement freeze. Netanyahou’s announcement of a ten month partial freeze, which does not apply to East Jerusalem, was dismissed as ‘not enough’ by the PA. To the massed ranks in Paris Square it was nothing short of betrayal.

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Target David Attenborough

11-12-2009 14:31

International anti-fascist climate activists have disrupted a policy briefing of the Optimum Population Trust (OPT)(1) in Copenhagen. More than 30 activists from Denmark, Sweden, Germany and the UK occupied a conference room at the DGI-byen Hotel in the centre of town where OPT officials were due to brief anti-population campaigners and members of the press on its stance on the Copenhagen negotiations. The meeting had to be suspended.

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Pacific Rescue Plan.

11-12-2009 14:09

Even before the plans of establishment a free Sunland settlement on one of the Pacific Islands were declared, a large-scale strategic document - "The Pacific Plan of freedom and development" has been proposed for discussion of all interested countries, organizations and individuals. But the challenges to the Pacific island countries are so threatening, that it would be more correct speak about the plan of salvation.

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Shell Get Iraq Oil Rights

11-12-2009 10:41

Well Well Well, after all the years waiting and exploring and holding out their blood stained hands filled with blood stained cash, climate crims Shell have won the rights to retrieve, store and sell oil from a massive Iraqi oil field. Makes you wonder again about the reasons for war eh?

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Exxon Man Spotted at Copenhagen

11-12-2009 10:10

With the world watching, well, those who give a toss, anyway, it's all going down in Copenhagen at the mo.....Exxon were sure to send their "man on the ground"'s an article i fished off the net about how the oil barons are making themselves heard......

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December 19th, 2009 – Villa San Giovanni (Italy) – National Rally

11-12-2009 10:05

Let’s stop the Bridge building site!
Let’s fight for our real priorities!

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Transition Market Launch Saturday 12th December 11-3 Sneinton Market

11-12-2009 09:52

Learn new skills, meet local producers, hand-made crafts and homegrown produce for sale.

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Israel, the Palestinians and Apartheid: The Case for Sanctions and Boycott

11-12-2009 02:59

Omar Barghouti (PACBI)
Full video, photos, mp3s and report of BRICUP conference held at SOAS on 4th Dec 2009

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Rural activists killed in Brazil (by Latuff)

11-12-2009 02:53

Elcio and Gilson, rural activists of Liga dos Camponeses Pobres
Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff.

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Autonomous Pixie Action in Solidarity with Mainshill

11-12-2009 02:14

In the early hours of Monday the 7th of December a drilling rig and other machinery was sabotaged at Mainshill Solidarity Camp. This action was taken by a group of autonomous people in solidarity with all those who oppose the development of Mainshill Wood into an open cast coal mine.

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Three members of Newcastle Animal Right's summoned to court.

11-12-2009 00:17

Three Members summoned before Newcastle Magistrates on 14th December 2009

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Tar Sands Action

10-12-2009 23:57

Shut Down Tar Sands
Climate Camp Trafalgar Square
Monday 14th