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dodging cctv

11-03-2002 11:16

mask up

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VIDEO banner drop Trinity Dublin MELTDOWN DRILL

11-03-2002 11:11

VIDEO 30sec Windows media player
Banner drop from Trinity college Dublin
Banner told people about the Nuclear Meltdown Drill which was happening later that day

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caviar trade could mean extinction

11-03-2002 10:50

Conservation organizations say scientific research has been ignored

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new protest against Esso -18th May

11-03-2002 10:40

may 18th demo

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dissent within the MoD

11-03-2002 10:34

MoD civil servants face carpeting for anti-war letter

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IMC Journalist takes Daily Mail to Court

11-03-2002 04:32

For a long time I have refused to comment about the Daily Mail article......

"A Briton was under armed guard in an Italian hospital last night, accused of helping to mastermind the bloody Genoa riots.

Mark Covell, 33, was arrested at the protestor’s HQ.

The freelance web-designer is said to have been in charge of computer systems used to co-ordinate attacks on the G8 summit by anarchist groups and could face five years in jail......"

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Flashpoints Radio Friday March 8, 2002

11-03-2002 04:04

KPFA Flashpoints Radio Friday, March 8, 2001 - Women Warrior Weekend - International Womens Day Special (60 min) - audio link/s in full story below

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IMF/World Bank/Enron/Bush - Grand Theft Larceny

11-03-2002 02:30

Transcript of Interview of Greg Palast, Journalist for BBC and Observer, London, by Alex Jones

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napoli no global demo

11-03-2002 00:53

napoli no global demo

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Anti-G8 Organizing Links

10-03-2002 23:47

A damn-near-exhaustive list of links to information about this year's G8 summit in Kananaskis, Alberta, and the actions being planned against it.

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Direct Action Against the War Now!

10-03-2002 23:46

join the Direct Action Against the war Now! Forum and be part of the dawn of a new struggle!

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Minister of Disasters

10-03-2002 22:51

Highlights from the "Minister of Disasters" protest in Dublin on Saturday.........

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Justice for Shaun Rodney - URGENT PICKET

10-03-2002 22:32

The Justice for Shaun Rodney Campaign is holding a picket of New Scotland Yard this Monday to protest against the refusal of the Metropolitan Police borough commander for Redbridge, east London, to appoint a new team of police investigators to examine Shaun Rodney’s death.

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Photo of GM action in Long marston

10-03-2002 22:31

Photo of GM action in Long marston
Activists in GM field

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10-03-2002 22:20

Large crowds repel police, set police vehicles on fire, and loot supermarket and big shops in the public market area of San Cristobal de Las Casas,Chiapas,Mexico
A carnival atmosphere prevails as crowds control the streets for 4 hours. Later police enter area, fire tear gas and make 62 arrests

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Some comments to a man with a long title

10-03-2002 21:36

Sample letter to the US Ambassador

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Volleyball in Winterthur

10-03-2002 21:31

Volleyball in Winterthur
Greenpeace activists gathered yesterday to celebrate and party in the lovely warm weather we are currently experiencing in Switzerland. As temperatures rise, the days of above average temperatures are increasing and we are feeling the effects of climate change more than ever.

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the continuing saga of right wing QC mcivors racist pig son

10-03-2002 21:29

right wing QC'S Basil Mcivor's disgraced metropolitan pig son , is banished to Armagh RUC hole.