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First days in Kabul

24-12-2012 01:21

Beth from Oxford is currently with a peace delegation in Afghanistan and sent this report via the VCNVUK blog.

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From Cowley Road to Kabul

24-12-2012 01:16

Susan from Oxford is currently with a peace delegation in Afghanistan and wrote these reports and reflections while preparing for the trip..

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Reduce First bus fares

24-12-2012 00:55

I have started this e-petition to get First bus to lower their prices as I think they are too expensive, and do not correspond with the poor level of service they provide.

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Cardiff French embassy is target over police repression as busy month is topped

23-12-2012 22:25

The group blocks the entrance to the consulate
Activists from different networks in Cardiff, including No Borders South Wales, South Wales Anarchists, Gremlins, Travellers groups, Cardiff Migrant Solidarity and the new Network of Cardiff Squatters came together to continue the support shown for migrants in recent months.

Several activists decided to use International Migrants Day this week to respond to a call-out from French activists for actions outside French Embassies and Consulates in solidarity with a recent day of action that aimed to highlight the continued state repression against sans-papier, Roma, the homeless and anti-airport activists in France despite a change of government to a party that spoke out against such actions before they were in power.

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New Year's prison run!

23-12-2012 09:48

Manifestation, warm drinks, food, readings,…

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Iraq’s leadership has failed

23-12-2012 00:57

There is an urgent need in Iraq to discuss the direction in which the country is moving.

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A year in the life of SolFed film

22-12-2012 22:55


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AWEA releases plans to monitor Richmond Deer Cull

22-12-2012 17:45

Animal welfare officers (AWOs) will be present at Richmond Park should deer be culled in February 2013.

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Hastings/|Bexhill anti-road camp needs you!

22-12-2012 13:48

Protestors against the Bexhill-Hastings Link Road have established a camp on the route of the proposed road and need help to sustain resistance to tree-felling in advance of the beginning of construction, due to start Jan 2013.

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Barnardos shop locked shut in Oxford

22-12-2012 10:51

This morning the doors of the barnardos shop in East Oxford seemed to have been locked shut.

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It's the end of THEIR world...

22-12-2012 00:33

...and the end of the world as we know it.

(a)gitate, educate, organise... many do and many are on the edge of doing...

share it, build it, hear it, spread it.

It won't be televised, but if it is, it's on

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Another illegally shot bird of prey...

22-12-2012 00:09

It was recently confirmed that "Bowland Betty", a Hen Harrier, was illegally shot. The finger, yet again, points unmistakably to grouse shooting interests - and their friend in high places, Richard Benyon MP.....

(Original article at

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Peaceful Revolution in Great Britain is about to begin in filthy Enfield slum

21-12-2012 20:19

A peaceful Revolution in Great Britain is about to begin soon and the Resistance is right now preparing to march on Westminster with more than one million people who will camp outside the Houses of Parliament and stay there until we have succeeded in arresting the government for all their crimes and corruption, and for declaring War on the Children.
The politicians will be charged with theft, fraud, deception, false pretenses, corruption, crimes against the People and against the environment, for crimes against humanity and for war crimes, in a bloodless coup where the guilty politicians, bankers, and corporate bosses will face trial, life imprisonment, and possibly the death penalty as well.

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China: with a little help from my friends.

21-12-2012 18:10

Dear friends, the article that you see below, in Mandarin, is that same one "Brazil: structural changes on the way", that I've published here a few days ago. Unfortunately, I have not found no open publishing site, at China. So I ask your help to take our message to the Chinese people, who surely visit your worldwide known site, which is a reference to freedom, all around the world. Thank you, very much indeed. * For those who have not seen it, I do reproduce the original, in English, there at the end.

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UG#600 - Evolution Beyond Money (Giftivism, Reforming and Quitting Money)

21-12-2012 15:51

This week, a follow up show to our last show on money. We begin with a talk by Nipun Mehta on 'Designing for Generosity'. Then, an interview with Suelo, now moneyless since 2000 and his biographer, Mark Sundeen. In our second hour, an audio adaptation of the 2011 money reform film, Money As Debt III.

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Abolish the Armed Forces

21-12-2012 13:27

I just created a new petition and I hope you can sign -- it's called: Abolish the Armed Forces