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Canada's real Watergate is HEALTHCARE...!

11-05-2005 16:13

What do you really know about Canada's healthcare...

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11-05-2005 15:38

Plots of flowers grow outside most of the homes we pass as we drive through this small agricultural cooperative in southern Gaza. I point out a particularly lavish one, and the driver, a gruff 55-year-old, stops the car.

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Merseyside Goes Mad For Anit-G8 Protest

11-05-2005 15:21

When the G8 meets in Scotland, Merseyside will be at the forefront pf the protest. Last night (10th May) saw an excitable and positive mobalising meeting which gives promise for a really big and diverse campaign...

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Dissent! Benefit: Brighton, Tonight!

11-05-2005 14:10

Brighton Dissent! Benefit! Tonight!

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London Indymedia/G8 benefit party

11-05-2005 13:23

A post-convergence benefit gig

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FFS! (Fit For Struggle)

11-05-2005 11:59

Would you like to be a bit fitter, and improve your endurance and alertness in the anti-capitalist struggle?

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Will Galloway go the same way as David Kelly?

11-05-2005 10:58

Speaking on BBC Radio 4's Today programme, an embittered Oona King said that her former constituents would live to regret voting her out of office, and hinted that there might soon be a by-election in Bethnal Green and Bow for "one reason or another".

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11-05-2005 10:21

Darfur genocide survivors have protested the lack of protection in Darfur. Lets show them they're not alone - and tell the Government that aid is not enough. A UN mandate for protection is vital to save hundreds of thousands of lives, but Britain is doing nothing to achieve it.

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URGENT: Execution for Cannabis in Singapore this Friday 13th

11-05-2005 10:13

URGENT: Shanmugam Murugesu, who was caught with one
kilo of marijuana in 2003, is due to be hanged for it
this Friday 13th in Singapore. See:

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Our Man in Karachi...

11-05-2005 07:21

No, it wasn't James Bond. He didn't seem to care. And I never saw him again, this servant of the vultures and jackals. A man who, like his brutal bosses: 'knew too much to be good for mankind'. That's why I'll never forget 'the Karachi-man'.

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Guy Debord's letters, 1957-1964

11-05-2005 05:41

Despite Guy Debord's reservations about epistolary correspondences, he engaged in a great many of them -- so many, in fact, that it's going to take six full-sized volumes for Editions Fayard to publish them all.

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Video of the emotive funeral of the Comrade Gladys Marín, president of the Chile

11-05-2005 05:40

A Video of the emotive funeral of the Comrade Gladys Marín, president of the Chilean Communist Party with millions of people in the streets of Chile marching to say farewell to one of the most important icons of the contemporary socialism fight.

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Gulf Stream shutting down, BBC ignores?

11-05-2005 03:07

A recent Cambridge University study has found evidence that a glacier ice-formation mechanism that brings the Gulf Stream north, keeping Europe warm, is ALREADY LOSING STRENGTH. CNN in the US is reporting this (sort of), but the BBC website has barely mentioned it.

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11-05-2005 00:25

A new mailing list has been setup for the Institute For Autonomy...we are currently working on a website which should be operational in the near future...check out the mailing list group for updates...on what we are upto...

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Lebanese General Aoun addresses the crowd at Martyrs Square

10-05-2005 22:07

Oh Great People of Lebanon! I told you one day that the world can crush me but it won’t get me to sign. I return to you today and the world has neither crushed me nor did it get me to sign. I once told you, shame on a world that is afraid of a general in battle fatigues who has to tell the world that life, that existence outside the realm of freedom is a form of death. Here I am today, returning to you to a Lebanon that has recovered its sovereignty, freedom and independence.

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Anti-CAT leaflets

10-05-2005 19:26

Simplistic anti-Caterpillar leaflets for schools,campuses etc..

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Mordechai Vanunu, Refuseniks-voices of conscience

10-05-2005 19:11

what would Ghandi say, in the case of Mordechai Vanunu?And to the Refuseniks, who risk prison for refusing to whether join the army or stay?

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Faslane G8 Action Briefing

10-05-2005 18:40

Find out more about the Faslane-G8 Blockade Monday 4th July

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Traveller eviction: Dale Farm

10-05-2005 17:01

Dale farm will soon be facing eviction. It is a site near
to us, with about 1,800 people living there. So basically,
an entire village will get bulldozed. This Saturday, there
is a march by travellers and supporters: The Dale Farm Freedom March. It is a good first step in finding out how we can help, and a chance to show some solidarity.