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Target Baclays Action in Cambridge

28-11-2009 17:40

barclays cambridge
Some pixies carved on the side of the market square barclays a message against its investments in the arms trade.

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Third Bomb Hits Chilean Bank

28-11-2009 17:28

Taken from

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Berlin squat evicted

28-11-2009 17:23

Taken from mainstream press, full article on

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BNP Humiliated in Newcastle

28-11-2009 16:16

Fash not welcome in the North East!

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Report of STUC anti-racism march in Glasgow Saturday 28th November 2009

28-11-2009 15:52

Here is a short account of the anti-racism march and rally held in Glasgow on Saturday 28th November 2009. 3 photos are included - please note that these photos are from the BBC Scotland website and the STUC website.

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Manchester Airport Expansion Approved

28-11-2009 15:48

Several households will be forced to leave their homes after the City Council agreed to a proposed expansion of Manchester Airport.

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Barclays Bank in Wrexham targeted

28-11-2009 15:48

Redecorating Barclays' brand new shop front
Activists held a demonstration outside the brand new branch of Barclays Bank in Hope Street, Wrexham this morning in solidarity with Smash EDO's Target Barclays Campaign. Barclays have located their shiny new 'shop front' branch, at a cost of more than £1 million, in a pedestrianised area with some very useful railings right in front of the doorway, just perfect for mounting a visual display to make the point about Barclays' links with the global arms trade.

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U.S. Still Plans Assault on Latin America. Will We Stop this Madness?

28-11-2009 15:29

"In an explicit attempt to hide Washington’s military objectives in South America, a U.S. Air Force document submitted to Congress in May 2009 that provoked deep concerns in the region has been modified and re-published on November 16, 2009. The official U.S. Air Force document, revealed and denounced by this author on November 4th, explained the justification for a $46 million request to improve the military installations in one of the seven bases Washington will occupy under the military accord signed on October 30th between Colombia and the United States. The modified document has eliminated all mention of war and military operations in the region, as well as offensive language directed at Colombia’s neighbors, Venezuela and Ecuador."

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National March & Rally Against Bradford University

28-11-2009 15:14


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Sheffield No to Deportations and Destitution Protest

28-11-2009 15:10

Some photos from the well attended No to Deportations and Destitution demonstration held outside Sheffield Town Hall on Saturday 28th November 2009. The demonstration was organised by South Yorkshire Migration and Asylum Action Group (SYMAAG) and supported by Sheffield Committee to Defend Asylum Seekers.

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MMU campus plans set to be delayed

28-11-2009 14:47

Following last week’s news that 127 support staff are to be made redundant – an “efficiency” measure according to Vice Chancellor Professor John Brooks – Manchester Metropolitan University has announced setbacks in plans over its proposed campus developments.

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Never Trust A Cop video

28-11-2009 14:13

The militant network organised for the occassion of COP15 summit in Copenhagen released a video clip for starters.

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fascist attack

28-11-2009 14:08

fascist attack in napoli

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The COP OUT Camp Out: Climate Camp Action after Wave Demo 5th Dec

28-11-2009 13:58

The Climate Camp in London have announced an action to take place after the huge Wave demonstration in London on 5th December ahead of the Cop15 UN Climate Conference.

Details from their website below:

They’ll cop out so we’ll camp out.

On Saturday December 5th 2009, Climate Camp London will be joining the tens of thousands of people descending on London to help put the spotlight on the failing international climate talks in Copenhagen.

Now is the time to challenge the vested interests, corporations and political systems that are causing climate change - so we’ve got a secret plan to take a space in the city after the wave*.

It’s time to show our 'leaders' how we’re going to take action to reduce emissions ourselves.

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Tamil Heroes Day of Remembrance, Excel, London -pictures.

28-11-2009 13:23

Remembering the Dead.
In the traditional month of remembrance, around fifty thousand British Tamils gather in London to remember those killed, wounded, displaced and now held in concentration camps on the Island of Sri Lanka.

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Defend Harrow from racists on Dec 13th

28-11-2009 13:21

Brent and Harrow Unite Against Fascism to oppose racist and Islamaphobic SOIE in Harrow on Dec 13th. Defend the united community of Harrow. Defend the Muslim community of Harrow.

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Political prisoner educational and fundraising calendar project

28-11-2009 12:00

Cover artwork by Thea Gahr
The Certain Days calendar project is a joint fundraising and educational project between outside prisoner solidarity campaigners in Montreal and Toronto, and three political prisoners being held in maximum-security prisons in New York State and California: David Gilbert, Robert Seth Hayes and Herman Bell, who between them have spent 100 years in prison. More about them here

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Vestas solidarity 'Magic Roundabout' Climate Camp evicted

28-11-2009 11:45

ahh... that's better, back to a bland corporate piece of faketure
After a court ruling on Tuesday granting a possesssion order to Hanslips (seemingly entirely at the behest of Vestas), the bailiffs arrived yesterday Friday 27th at 11:00am, demanding everything be moved from the camp by noon. This despite the Judge's ruling that the landowner negotiate a time for leaving the roundabout with the occupiers, and the roundbouters attempts to negotiate such a time being frustrated.

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Serious Risk of Mafia Infiltration in Europe

28-11-2009 10:14

Paolo Borsellino
... Investigations into connivance with the three Mafia organizations, Cosa Nostra, ’Ndrangheta and the Camorra, involve people in top positions in the state, local authorities and public bodies ...

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Filipino Workers Condemn Maguindanao Massacre

28-11-2009 02:34

APL dares gov’t to severely punish brains, perpetrators of Maguindanao massacre