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Open letter to Jacques Chirac and Tony Blair

14-12-2004 16:00

Attached is an open letter to Jacques Chirac and Tony Blair, calling for effective international pressure on Israel, based on the understanding that Israel has neither the will nor the ability to end the occupation without such pressure.

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Nick Griffin Moving To Sheffield

14-12-2004 15:18

BNP boss plans to challenge Blunkett in upcoming election.

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Sabotage the Bid- No more Olympics!

14-12-2004 14:25

EMERGENCY ACTION at meeting in support of the London Oympic Bid-6.30pm 14th December- Room 101, ULU, Malet St.

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Identity Cards Bill - a brief guide

14-12-2004 14:20

While the media are merrily focusing on Blunkett’s love affair, ignoring the fact that one of the most draconian changes to happen in British society, ID cards and the ID database, are being foisted upon us. The government is clearly keen to push the ID Cards Bill through Parliament as quickly as possible, with a Second Reading (the first stage of real debate in parliament) likely to happen before Christmas.

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Prick Griffin arrested

14-12-2004 13:10

BNP leader Prick Griffin has been arrested for inciting racial hatred

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Nasty Nick Nicked

14-12-2004 13:00

Nick Griffin and John Tyndall have been arrested on a charge of incitement to commit racial hatred

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Rich liberals strike again?

14-12-2004 12:40

poverty pimping?

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Pinochet-House Arrest Lifted

14-12-2004 11:52

It seems that the house arrest ordered against Pinochet by judge Guzmán has been lifted after an appeal by Pinochet's lawyers.

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BNP Uber Fuhrer John Tyndall arrested

14-12-2004 11:22

John Tyndall arrested

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OPSC alternative carol-singing - Thurs 16th 6pm

14-12-2004 10:57

Oxford Palestine Solidarity Campaign Alternative Carols

Thursday 16th December, 6pm

Meet at St Michaels Tower, Cornmarket Street, Oxford.

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Oxford internet radio meeting - 16th December, 7pm

14-12-2004 10:44


Everybody who wants to be involved or is interested in the radio project
is invited, to come to the second


in Oxford!!! At 7 pm (if you know, that you're normally late, please
come earlier)!!!

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Syngenta quit GM crops in Europe

14-12-2004 10:34

Syngenta the worlds largest crop science company abandon GM crops research in Europe.

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Senior Italian riot police to be tried over Genoa attack

14-12-2004 07:14

Twenty-eight Italian police, including some of Italy's most senior riot and anti-terrorist officers, are to be tried for their role in an assault on a school in Genoa during the G8 summit in July 2001. Dozens of anti-globalisation activists sleeping in the school were injured in the raid.

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Boxing Day Hunt Scum 'Meets'

14-12-2004 01:33

Get organising demos in your area!

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Kerry Couldn't Help! Why?

14-12-2004 00:44

In his testimony before Congress during the Viet Nam War,
Kerry asked "How do you ask someone to die for a mistake?"

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Notes on teach-in on Iraq in London December 5th and in Glasgow on Dec 11/12th.

13-12-2004 23:51

Michael Hoffman of Iraq Veterans against the war speaks. Ewa Jasiewicz chairs.
These are notes (about 1,700 words) on the International teach-in on Iraq in London December 5th and of the Anti-war forum in Glasgow 11th and 12th December. Four labelled photos of the London teach-in are attached.

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Upcoming Countryside Alliance demos

13-12-2004 21:53

Calling all Toffbusters!

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Outcome of Sheffield Social Forum meeting (December 4th/5th)

13-12-2004 21:43

Hosted by SSF

People participating in the UK Local Social Forum Network met in
Sheffield on the 4/5th December and found consensus on this document to be brought to the Assembly which is going to be held in Paris the 18/19 Dec 2004.

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Invitation to Sheffield Social Forum meeting

13-12-2004 21:31

Letter of invitation to Sheffield and Beyond, to attend our next social meeting.

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13-12-2004 20:49

EU fails in democracy