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of mice and men - john steinbeck

27-05-2008 14:18

bt talktalk and the virgin

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Mitrovica lead crisis: Romano Them asks for comprehensive information from UN

27-05-2008 14:00

A survey, which was produced by the Institute of Public Health in Kosovska Mitrovica at the request of the representatives of the IDP camps in Northern Mitrovica confirmed previous allegations, according to which the lead level in the blood of Romani children living in these camps has remained at an alarmingly high level.

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Please help to stop the UK's first vegetable oil power plant

27-05-2008 13:49

The company Blue NG has applied for planning permission to build the UK's first vegetable oil power plant in the UK, in Beckton, Newham. They plan a total of eight such plants overall. They specifically refer to burning palm oil, as well as rapeseed oil and jatropha oil in that plant. See below for details of forthcoming protests against those plans.

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Dialect: 'Might is Right', the secrets of Bush's Skull & Bones @ Yale University

27-05-2008 13:13

Dialect Radio is a Bristol (UK) internet broadcasting Co-operative run by volunteers. Our main activity is our weekly current affairs and arts magazine programme Dialect, which is recorded at our Queen's Square studios and posted for download every weekend. Want to volunteer? Volunteering Bristol, Royal Oak House, Royal Oak Avenue, Bristol. BS1 4GB Tel: 0117 989 7733

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INTERPOL in Colombia 3 + 3 = 8

27-05-2008 13:09

I have just finished reading INTERPOL's report on the computers that the government of Colombia says it found in an encampment of the FARC-EP on March 1. Reading the report I am once again fascinated with what experts can do with computers. But I am shocked that the world's best known detective agency cannot add three plus three.

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demostration against dictator regim in DR Congo

27-05-2008 13:08

we condemn all the atrocities, illigality, killing, kidnapping, injustice and corroding our country...

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Comment piece: Library workers to go grey?

27-05-2008 12:58

In the ongoing row over attempts to force Library staff into uniforms,
library bosses appear to have made a concession toward allowing staff to
wear their own choice of clothes - but on the proviso that they are
based on the colour grey. Unsurprisingly, staff are still livid about
this. Gadfly investigates...

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Citex Squat Amsterdam Illegally Evicted

27-05-2008 12:32

The Citex squat in Amsterdam has recently been illegally evicted.

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Everybody's looking for something: Life in Scientology's Sea Org

27-05-2008 12:23

Billion year contracts, physical labour, false imprisonment, and a mission to Clear the Planet. Welcome to the Sea Org.

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UNISON Public Meeting, 11th June: Save our services in Lambeth!

27-05-2008 11:15

Speakers include:
Mark Serwotka – General Secretary, PCS
Alan Walter – Secretary, Defend Council Housing
Heenal Rajani – Lambeth UNISON
Barbara Glosby – Lambeth Pensioners Association

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The Tools Of Greenwashing: Astroturfs

27-05-2008 10:26

Questioning and exposing the greenwashing activities of corporations, in particular, is something that the seasoned cynic makes light of; but sometimes our job is made more difficult, not so much by the quality of the greenwashing being used, but by the sheer weight of apparent “public” opinion supporting the views of the corporations.

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Fitwatch at Carnival Against the Arms Trade

27-05-2008 07:47

4th June, 12 Noon, The Level, Brighton

The Forward Intelligence Teams seem to really love anti arms trade campaigners. Having already made their presence felt through years of DSEi protests, they have also long been a fixture at EDO demos. More recently, they have been travelling further afield, and have been spotted at St Athans demos in Wales, and the Heckler and Koch protests in Nottingham.

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Trespassers oppose coal mine plan

26-05-2008 22:44

The campaigners say the open cast mine will damage the environment

People who do not want a new opencast coal mine on land adjoining a country park in Derbyshire have held a protest.

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Midsummer Common Cows Protest – Go Veg!

26-05-2008 22:12

Protest held on the Saturday 24th May 08.

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Austrian activists in prison

26-05-2008 20:39

Subject: EVANA Newsletter May 2008: Austrian activists in prison

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Carter: Israel Has At Least 150 Nukes

26-05-2008 20:05

Note the 'flat earth' perspective that Israel's Collective Punishment of Gaza was a response to the rockets this illegal policy - imposed to undermine the ELECTED Government of the Palestinians, divide the Palestinians, and stall the 'peace process' - actually provoked, which is repeated by nearly every mainstream media outlet.

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Carter Urges 'supine' Europe to Break with Bush/PNAC Over Gaza

26-05-2008 19:49

Actually, International Law says the governments represented by the EU are colluding in a human rights/war crime.

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Southfields Get Total Oil Out of Burma Protest

26-05-2008 19:39

Southfields Total Sation
Six protesters demonstrated at the Southfields Total Station, 262 Wimbledon Park Road on 21st May 2008. They were protesting against the French oil and gas giant's 500 million dollar a year funding for the brutal military regime in Burma. The money just goes to the evil junta not the poor people of Burma. The regime has allocated just 5 million dollars to cyclone relief, whilst it earned 2 billion dollars in gas exports in 2007.

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The law and truckers on the same side

26-05-2008 19:34

The Met are as politically motivated as ever

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So Just Where Does the Madness End?

26-05-2008 19:29

I've begun to notice a particular pattern of media coverage and/or distortion of issues supported by 'the West', and nowhere is this more apparent than on the issue of Lebanon.