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demostration against dictator regim in DR Congo

congo support project manchester | 27.05.2008 13:08 | Repression

we condemn all the atrocities, illigality, killing, kidnapping, injustice and corroding our country...

we are against our government due to the misleading of our country and killing, rape of women, repression of freedom of speech and so on
we demostrated on 9th of May 2008 in front of our Ambassy in London King's Cross for 6 hours from 11 am to 17 pm.
Mr Kalubi Mpoyi vice chair of Congo Support Project-Manchester spoke about the situation in Congo and in UK: " I condenm all deportations to Congo because of the killings perpetrated by the Congolese authorities. Their dictatorship is above all beliefs and if they think deporting Congolese from the UK is a solution, this is just an illusion because Congo is a disaster. I speak loud to address that Mr Kanambe allias 'Kabila' is like a devil, a killer, without pity...
Mr Hugo Christopher Kanika, an influencial member of Congo Support Project, described the Congolese regima as: "worst devil on our planet. The congolese governement is doing nothing only killing, stealing, raping and suppressing people's freedom...
And on 10th of May 2008 at Home Office in Westeminster we were again against the deportations of congolese to the country where there's a lot atrocities.
then to tell the British government to understand the situation in DR congo and STOP TO DEPORT CONGOLESE TO DR CONGO.

congo support project manchester
- e-mail: csp_manchester