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Trespassers oppose coal mine plan

reposter | 26.05.2008 22:44 | Climate Chaos | Ecology

The campaigners say the open cast mine will damage the environment

People who do not want a new opencast coal mine on land adjoining a country park in Derbyshire have held a protest.

UK Coal wants to extract a million tonnes over four years from Lodge Hill in Smalley, near Heanor.

But campaigners said this would have a devastating impact on the environment. About 50 protesters marched on the land in a mass trespass on Monday.

UK Coal said the matter had gone through a public inquiry, and been properly approved by the government.

It said Britain needed energy, and it was better to get it locally than to import it.

Climate campaigners from the groups, Leave it in the Ground and Earth First! joined local residents opposed the plans for the mine on land adjoining Shipley Country Park.

Opponents of the plans claimed nearly 70 acres of greenbelt land would be destroyed if the plans went through and were also worried about noise and pollution in the area.

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