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AZT on Trial

22-11-2002 10:32

AZT, not HIV, causes AIDS.

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A-Spire vs Leeds Council

22-11-2002 10:32

A-Spire are facing eviction from a Leeds council building that has been converted into a social space and indoor skate park!

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Nazis win council seat

22-11-2002 08:29

The far-right BNP have taken a council seat in Blackburn, Lancashire
in a by-election surprise to add to three seats it already holds in
the North West.

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Hidden Video: Bush and world leaders involved in Mock Human sacrifice near large

22-11-2002 05:48

make print. bush not indicted in boy's testimony of sex-murder.

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Robert Fisk on Democracy Now!

22-11-2002 04:07

Robert Fisk talking on Democracy Now!

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22-11-2002 02:34

You might as well say goodbye

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Ecodestruction over Galicia [Spain]

22-11-2002 01:59

Ecodestruction over Galicia [Spain]
7000 Tn Fuel Oil poured over Galician Shores.

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mysterious pharmeceutical GM crop goes wrong in US

22-11-2002 01:37

friends of the earth

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22-11-2002 00:21

We challenge the Bris to play in our BUY NOTHING DAY show....

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How UK Foreign Investment Creates Asylum Seekers: New Research

22-11-2002 00:11

The Ilisu Dam Campaign is initiating an ongoing project to develop links between refugee communities, anti-globalisation organisations and interested organisations and individuals. The research will explore how Western involvement and investment causes displacement throughout the world. Refugees from the Kurdish, Colombian, Afghan and Tamil communities will be speaking about their experiences at a forthcoming seminar to launch the project.

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ISRAEL: Mitzna wins labour's primary election

21-11-2002 23:27

Amran Mitzna, mayor of Haifa, wins the primary elections by a wide difference, getting 53% of votes. The former Foreign Minister Benjamin Ben-Eliezer got 38%.
Mitzna has promised to withdraw from the occupied territories and to negotiate with Palestinians even before achieving a truce.

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BBC Dis-info

21-11-2002 21:39

BBC's actions regarding the 'Do you back the firefighters strike' public vote

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Saga of Greed: who is to blame for Prestige disaster

21-11-2002 20:21

Large-scale ecological disaster as a result of the split of Prestige tanker near the Spanish seashore can yet become even greater. The main reason for this accident is obvious: corporate greed as usual.

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Youre opinion?

21-11-2002 19:58

"We call for:
1. The Belgian government to search for a diplomatic solution to the current conflict. The use of neutral weapons inspectors in Iraq forms part of this mission.
Belgium and the European Union must demand the removal of weapons of mass destruction in the Middle East in line with UN resolutin 687."

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Cambridge: Police threaten arrest to the Number 0 activist

21-11-2002 19:42

Police threaten arrest to the Number 0 activist in Cambridge. The activist are just asking to get their stuff from the evicted squat when the owner gets really pissed off and call the pigs... The activist are now trying to get their stuff but the pigs seem to be determined to arrest them.. updates will follow

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21-11-2002 17:34

Update on the state of ply with COBAS / Disobedients held under Mussolini's 'anti-terror' laws

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Police State Haringey

21-11-2002 17:16

Haringey policed by armed officers brandishing sub machine guns.

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Dead Soldiers

21-11-2002 14:52


by James Doherty

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Disobedience Anti-War Gig this Sat

21-11-2002 13:57

Only 33 bombing days till Xmas...