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A-Spire vs Leeds Council

quip | 22.11.2002 10:32 | Culture | Free Spaces | Repression | Social Struggles

A-Spire are facing eviction from a Leeds council building that has been converted into a social space and indoor skate park!


A large group of people are being threatened with homelessness by Leeds City Council. On Wednesday 20th November LCC took these people to court and is now in the process of evicting them from a building that will not be used until March 2003.
Not only is the Council neglecting their responsibility to provide accommodation for these people, but they are also destroying a much needed community space.
The building has been reclaimed by A-Spire a community of people promoting alternative lifestyles.
Events at the social centre include an international day, a women’s self-defence workshop, a film festival, a natural health day, first aid training, kids puppetry extravaganza, an open-mic night, and campaign on environmental concerns such as the protection of ancient rare peat lands. There is a free shop, a vegan café, a creative space, a kids area and Leeds’ first ever indoor skate ramp!
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