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Northern Ireland Hosting UK G8 Summit?

15-11-2012 14:25

I am not sure how current this news is amongst activists and rebels, although the article link is from today's Northern Irish BBC page. Just wanted to spread this around the movements to add to the picture of what might take place next year.

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Stop the rocket Attacks

15-11-2012 14:01

Enough of the mindless violence

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At the Polling Station

15-11-2012 12:55

Walking past the Wiverton road polling station this morning we were suprised to see that some people had already made their vote for police and crime commissioner. And here was us thinking nobody gave a fuck.

As the percentage of voters is optimisitcally estimated to be around 10% of the Nottingham population, it seems that most people recognise that whoever gets elected will have absolutley no effect on the behaviour of the goverments first line of defence. They'll continue to enforce the racist, sexist and classist policies of the goverment, and all under the guise of safety, security and protection of the community. The same community they harass on daily basis.


Another day at the polling stations pretending democracy works = another day where nothing changes.

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Building the Alternative

15-11-2012 11:51

When the crash comes there may be no warning. Good to start preparing now for supporting those who want to opt out of the system or long term strike. We have all data online we need to build the alternative system. What's needed are committed locations.

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Protests at Birmingham Hippodrome over Israeli dance company

15-11-2012 01:08

As Israel cranks up its campaign of genocide against Palestinians in Gaza with fresh bombing attacks and a possible ground invasion, protests took place both inside and outside the Birmingham Hippodrome where the Israeli dance group Batsheva were performing.

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Fascist/Racist Supporting Record Label In Town

15-11-2012 00:55

jsut a note of perhaps some worth to anti-fa in notts.

this label pure impact is apparently a fash supporting label and recently held an event in notts.

just to ask a) did anyone protest it and b) did anyone who didnt protest it or not know about it in time already know about this l;abel and its notts activities.


just wanted to spread this around to make people aware.


this is their event as posted on facebook -

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2 Brighton demos in solidarity with gaza tomorrow (thurs 15th)

15-11-2012 00:18

There will be an emergency demonstration in defence of the Palestinian people on Thursday 15th November 2012 at 5.30pm in Brighton at Victoria Gardens in Brighton in response to renewed Israeli air strikes on the Gaza strip today which have already claimed the lives of at least seven people, up to many as many as 12, including a seven year old girl and an 11 month old baby. The bombing looks set to escalate with Israel calling up reservists and deploying the navy.

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Tell israel enough is enough

14-11-2012 23:11

Protest at the israeli embassy in London tomorrow 15th November

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Combat Workfare - 8th December

14-11-2012 21:31

Neither workfare nor the work programme is working!

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Mike Weatheley MP Chased off Sussex Uni Campus - Statement

14-11-2012 19:49

Mike Weatherley MP, one of the architects of the ban on squatting in residential buildings, was invited to talk at Sussex University by members of the Conservative Society, and was forced off campus before that talk could take place.

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14-11-2012 19:17

eviction of laZad

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Day 2 of eviction Hambach Forest / tunnel-system

14-11-2012 18:05

At the second day of eviction the cops evicted everybody from the trees. At the evening of the first day they evicted everybody in concrete-lock-ons. Now there's one activist in a blockade-tunnel rested. And police don't have any idea how to evict that. So it still can need some days.
Police that went down just said: "there's a huge tunnel-system, we don't know wich direction we have to go"
The occupation of the forest is against a coal open-cast-mine, that is together with two more of this, the biggest producer of CO2 in Europe. The dust of the pit is radioactiv.

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The Art of Rolling

14-11-2012 17:51

a skateboard art exhibition to raise funds to build a skate park in Gaza, Palestine.

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The Bevy Pub Official Share Launch and Benefit Gig

14-11-2012 17:05

The Bevy is more than a pub
We are ready to launch the ten pound share issue and start raising money to make it happen. But we really need your help to make sure we raise as much money and get as many people involved as possible.

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Europe general strike Nov 14th

14-11-2012 15:33

It`s kicking off all over europe