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Euro Strike #N14 - Vast Anti-Cuts Demo in Madrid

Lock Stock | 14.11.2012 23:01 | Culture | Public sector cuts | Workers' Movements

Carpe Diem.................

Madrid tonight! #N14
Madrid tonight! #N14

We need numbers on the streets for future Anti-Cuts demos, starting in London on 21st Nov - next Wednesday. Get out on the streets stickering, flyering, doing graffiti, posting leaflets, putting out banners and posters and talking to people, and get busy with tweets, Facebook and e-mailing EVERYONE. The fact the next major demo's a weekday when most folk will be working makes whatever input we can put in now all the more important. Don't get caught, get the message across, get busy... tonight.

This government has made more U-turns than any other in UK history, so, for those who pretend protest doesn't work, the fact we havn't stopped them yet is a measure of the sheer militancy and greed of their ambitions, it is not proof that protests don't work (if protests didn't work, Maggie Thatcher's Poll Tax would have effectively banned poor people from being able to vote).

Just recently Anti-Cuts protests have forced the government to chase Starbucks, Amazon and Google for the unpaid tax which proves the deficit was created by tax-dodging capitalists and which proves their pretext for cuts and privatisations is a scam.

Lock Stock