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Mike Weatheley MP Chased off Sussex Uni Campus - Statement

Priam Collective | 14.11.2012 19:49

Mike Weatherley MP, one of the architects of the ban on squatting in residential buildings, was invited to talk at Sussex University by members of the Conservative Society, and was forced off campus before that talk could take place.

This is a fucking war.

Not a war that we chose, but a war that we are confronted with daily.

The time for debate is over, closing with the passing of “Weatherley's Law”. The law, in its majestic equality, forbids the rich and poor alike to sleep in empty properties, not to suffer the streets, and to steal warmth. This is a war for survival.

We are fucking angry.

An anger that is stoked when we find ourselves in damp houses extorted for rent, forced to live in secret or being violently evicted from our squats which otherwise remain empty and unused.

Our homes have seen no bailout; only bailiffs. The housing crisis grows at an unprecedented rate - a growth designed to animate the UK economy, to dance the corpse as if to imitate life. More than 900,000 houses lie empty while 50,000 lay their heads in hostels, on sofas, or on concrete.

Weatherley drove his law through Parliament not only to keep second homes empty but to forge a career from the suffering of others. Rather than dispossess the proprietor class to which he belongs, Weatherley can only dispatch human life. He jumps at the chance. The audacity of the destroyer coming to crow over that which he has destroyed makes us wretch. We will not amuse ourselves with trivial student debate while our friends freeze. Arguments cannot disprove the truth of homelessness; Debate with power can never be genuine.

This is why we fight the mere presence of this fucker on our campus.

Priam Collective


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