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Squatting ban MP attacked and chased off uni campus

@ | 14.11.2012 19:09 | Education | Free Spaces | Policing | South Coast

Mike Weatherley, due to deliver a talk on the new squatting legislation, at the University of Sussex today, was instead chased off campus by students and protesters. After realising the opposition the lecture was to face, The University of Sussex Conservative society changed the format into a debate in order to try and appease the many trolls on the Facebook event. However, attendees decided to take a different approach, seeing no use in debating over a law that had already been passed. Seconds after turning up at the lecture theatre, Weatherley was surrounded by around 50 people shouting “Whatever they say, squatting will stay”. Without even getting a foot in the door, Weatherley was turned around by his team and campus security and began walking in the opposite direction. Whilst some stayed in the lecture theatre to give an impromptu talk about the squatting ban, other protesters chased Weatherley through university buildings pelting him with tomatoes and eggs. As Weatherley, his aides and right hand man Robert Nemmeth sprinted into a room and locked themselves inside, people surrounded the building and blocked every exit. Whilst Weatherley and co. hid inside, awaiting a police escort to save them, a crowd of amused onlookers gathered at the entrance to watch the show. Around 20 minutes later, two cop vans rolled up and Weatherly was brought out of the building by two police. Again he was surrounded with protesters attempting to block the route into the back of the van. As he was bundled in he was pelted with a few more tomatoes, and people stood in front of the van to prevent it driving away. After a few short tussles with the police, the van sped away, leaving Nemmeth and Weatherley's aides stranded inside to find their own way home. The victory was celebrated with a banner drop from the intended venue, stating “No Housing, No Peace”.



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  1. Protestors say "tomatoes", Tories say "rocks and missiles" — Bren
  2. well done — francesca