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Pix of Rossport Solidarity Action in London, UK, Mon 15 Sep 08

17-09-2008 15:22

Allseas 1.jpg
Three targets, two demands, one noizy protest, all on a sunny London aftternoon in September.

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Call for a national demonstration against fees and marketisation in education

17-09-2008 14:39

Student activists have launched this call for a national demonstration against top-up fees, for decent student grants and against marketisation in education. To add your or your organisation's name or for more information, email

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EU Pirate Policy : aint "War" but is "shoot to kill". a Q&A

17-09-2008 13:51

All those soothsayers of a common European militarist policy operating from within the institutions of EU governance, rather than the aliance of NATO or proper international action allowed by UN resolutions, should get a vindicated kick out of the news that Brussels has opened a military task force on "Somali pirates".

A short Q&A so you seem like you know enough to bluff conversation on this.

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Forcible Deportation of Iraqi asylum seekers ended in violence

17-09-2008 11:59

The asylum seekers were to be deported to Erbil in Northern Iraq. However,
when one of the asylum seekers punched and smashed a window of the plane,
the Commandoes boarded the plane to try to unsuccessfully pin the Iraqi
asylum seekers down. The asylum seekers have been moved back to detention centres.
Many were badly beaten and are injuried as a result.

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Hackney Isn't Crap: Tour of gentrification

17-09-2008 11:39

On Sunday 28 September we will host a walking tour of Gentrification in Dalston and Hackney Central, culminating in a picnic in London Fields.

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U.S. Risks Catastrophic Defeat in Pakistan

17-09-2008 10:48

The U.S. is risking "incalculable" consequences with its raids into Pakistan, the only Muslim nation with an atomic arsenal. Pakistan is the least hospital place for American troops, a nation where "Osama bin Laden is infinitely more popular than George Bush." If Washington continues to violate Pakistan's borders, it might get "run out of South Asia on a rail."

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Fed Bailout/Takeover Of A.I.G., More Of The Same! The Working People Need Real,

17-09-2008 08:40

The Federal Reserve System bail-out/takeover of AIG means more of the same: more diversion of working people’s tax money to speculation and Wall Street profiteering and away from working people’s welfare. Fed takeover of AIG means more of the same Wall Street control and management. Time for putting working people’s welfare first, and real, socialist change.

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Swedish police intimidation against ESF delegates from Poland

17-09-2008 08:26

A Polish delegation to the European Social Forum at Malmoe starting today sufferd a crack-down by Swedish police after entering the country. Motives for police intimidation, aggresive behaviour, violent damage to luggage and the denial of basic civil rights of detained persons are not entirely clear.

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Confirmation / Cancellation /  Babi Badalov Captured

17-09-2008 07:18

Protest @ British Airways Head Office

Confirmation: Respect Nigerians Coalition (RNC) to hold a peaceful protest at the British Airways Corporate headquarters, Harmondsworth today Wednesday 17th September 2008

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Preparing for US invasion

17-09-2008 02:46

As George Bush's presidency draws to a close, progressive governments in Latin America are facing ever-greater danger, writes Charley Allan (Morning Star, Wednesday September 17 2008)

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Protest outside UK Border Agency offices in Cardiff Today!

17-09-2008 01:21

There will be a protest against Babi’s incarceration outside of the place where he was grabbed; the UK Border Agency offices at 31-33 Newport Road, Cardiff at 12noon, today Wednesday 17th September. All are welcome.

This protest will only last one hour so people can come along in their lunch-breaks. Please show your support with any banners or placards that you are able to make.

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Comiso 1983 - Sicily

17-09-2008 00:36

new pictures
For the first time new images (also in color) in a short movie.

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Roma people in Italy: another attack against democracy and civilisation

16-09-2008 23:12

Rome, 17th September, 2008. The European Parliament is sending a delegation to Italy in order to observe the conditions of the Roma people. EveryOne Group: “The visit is a farce, because out of the 29 delegates 22 are Italian, including Euro MPs from far right parties, like Fiore and Romagnoli. More than an inspection, it will provide support for intolerant policies”.

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SHAC Global Day of Action against NYSE Euronext

16-09-2008 23:11

SHAC Global Day of Action against NYSE Euronext and their shareholders
Monday 29th September 2008

"For every share traded, an animal dies insides HLS!"

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Daughter of Shell to Sea hunger striker paddles out to Solitaire

16-09-2008 22:36

This afternoon seven Shell to Sea activists, including Etain Nímhongáin, youngest daughter of hunger striker Maura Harrington, paddled over a kilometre out to sea in Donegal Bay, in an attempt to communicate with Simon van der Plicht, Captain of the Solitaire.

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The arrest and release of Austrian animal activists - special summary

16-09-2008 22:19

Statement from Martin Balluch after his release from prison, 11 September 2008.

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The Bolivia map, according to the separatists (by Latuff)

16-09-2008 22:03

Bolivian coup mongers map
Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff.

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London protests in support of Maura Harrington's hunger strike

16-09-2008 21:05

On Monday, Maura Harrington marked her birthday with a seventh day on hunger strike, while supporters from the UK & Ireland demonstrated across London to bring attention to her protest. Maura, a teacher in NW Mayo, is part of the Shell To Sea Campaign which has been actively opposing Shell's latest attempts to lay an 80 km sea based stretch of gas pipeline.

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Direct Action; Sweden, Mexico, Slovakia, UK & Italy

16-09-2008 20:30

13th-15th September


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Zombie Nation: the movie

16-09-2008 20:18

mccain change...
NunVeReggaeCchiù youtube channel is launching a new video about John McCain.