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is this democracy

12-06-2004 14:59

missing votes

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'Forgive Me, But...': A Nicaraguan Woman Reflects on Reagan's Death

12-06-2004 13:30

President Reagan's death brings back painful memories of the anti-Sandinista war.

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Director Moore to focus on Blair

12-06-2004 13:03
Michael Moore wants to make a film about Phoney Bliar , excuse the bbc link but I couldn't find it anywhere else.
may be he'll be needing a few contributions I'm sure he'll find a very willing crew !

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EU corruption

12-06-2004 12:27

Corruption in the EU makes the mafia look like a quiet family business.

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Who Really Runs the World?

12-06-2004 11:45

SECRECY & PRIVATE FORUMS: Everywhere you look - government, big business and any other institution seeking to exercise power - the key is secrecy. Meetings such as those of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), the G-8, World Trade Organisation, World Economic Forum, Central Banks, the European Union Council of Ministers and the EU Commission, EU summits, government cabinet meetings, numerous think tanks etc. are always conducted behind closed doors.

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Anti G8 Subvertising in Cardiff

12-06-2004 11:44

Billboard 1
In sympathy with the protests in the states against the G8 there, and in protest about the G8 coming to the UK, a number of billboards had graffitti on them

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Stop the BNP rally in Sunderland

12-06-2004 10:36

Sunderland came to its senses this week when voters turned away from the BNP in disgust. Pictures are of the 'Stop the BNP' rally held outside the count on Thursday evening. Ian Leadbitter, who was British National Party candidate in the Redhill ward of Sunderland, was arrested outside the count on suspicion of assault occasioning actual bodily harm. He didn't seem to like being called a Nazi and punched and kicked peaceful demonstrators before being carted off by the police.

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Critical Mass in Gdansk (Poland) report - 3000 attendands

11-06-2004 23:08

Short report from the Grand Bicycle Tour in Gdansk (6th June 2004)

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Sovereign Couriers ditch Sequani ltd animal testing labs Herefordshire

11-06-2004 22:36

Sovereign Couriers based in Hagley, Worcestershire, have been delivering ice products to Sequani limited for over two years.

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11-06-2004 22:28

showings + talk with video-makers on strategies for collective planning,
production, camera work & distribution with a view to practical working

Saturday 19th June, from 4pm.

at LARC, 62 Fieldgate St, Whitechapel, London E1
Tube: Whitechapel or Aldgate East
Phone: 020 7377 9088

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Rampart events and contact details

11-06-2004 19:14

The rampart now has a virtual website thanks to the free no-ads forwarding services of Free Domain Name - (we had to mention them, it's one of the conditions)...

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Bush and Blair nominated for World Stupidity Award

11-06-2004 18:36

President Bush and Prime Minister Tony Blair have been nominated in the category of "Reckless Endangerment of the Planet" with Osama Bin Laden, Kim Jong-Il, Ariel Sharon, and Yasser Arafat.

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Day After Tomorrow.

11-06-2004 18:16

From the Directors of Independance from Authourity " Class War ", Fuck This & the Multinationals.

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11-06-2004 16:49

call to acknowledge the culprits of the consequences of climate catastrophe at the London Premiere of Hollywood's latest action movie "THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW"

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Ronald Reagan: the death of a son of a bitch

11-06-2004 16:46

Ronald Reagan: the death of a son of a bitch
poem by Mario Benedetti
To Ronald Reagan
the Death of a Son Of a Bitch

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Secondary Illiterates: The Crisis of Education in Western Industrial Countries

11-06-2004 16:38

"European literacy and the schooling of society were not generous civilizing gifts to people but part of that process described in the critical literature with the term `inner colonialization'..Infrastructural institutions like the postal service, the water supply, the public health system and education are not market enterprises but overall social conditions of the market economy.."Other articles by R.Kurz are on

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Against Olympics

11-06-2004 16:21

poster from the antiauthoritarian group "internal enemy in thessaloniki (greece)

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Birmingham G8 (May 1998) pictures

11-06-2004 14:21

Time for a change at The Bullring
Here are some black and white images of the Birmingham G8 protest that happened in May 1998.

Here's an interesting account of what happened on the day too

See you in Gleneagles...

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BNP London Organiser used to be apartheid policeman and right wing extremist

11-06-2004 14:10

One of the British National Party’s leading activists in the campaign for the London Assembly and European Parliament was implicated in South Africa’s most infamous murder case.